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1 - Community and Prevention-Oriented, Population-Focused Practice
A community is concerned about th...,
A phn develops and implements loc...,
The nurse manager makes sure that...
36  cards
2 - History of Public Health and Public and Community Health Nursing
Current threats to health in the ...,
During the time when the rural nu...,
A nurse worked in a school settin...
29  cards
3 - The Changing U.S. Health and Public Health Care Systems
In the united states the majority...,
The number of uninsured americans...,
A nurse is working with a communi...
25  cards
5 - Economics of Health Care Delivery
A nurse plans to implement a prim...,
A nurse is working with members o...,
When a health care organization s...
33  cards
16 - Changing Health Behavior Using Health Education with Individuals, Families, and Groups
What is the purpose of providing ...,
Which statement about education i...,
A nurse uses healthy people 2020 ...
32  cards
18 - Community as Client: Assessment and Analysis
A nurse focuses intervention stra...,
A nurse collects data about seat ...,
A nurse is defining the community...
31  cards
32 - Vulnerability and Vulnerable Populations: An Overview
The wide variations in health ser...,
Which of the following is most li...,
Which federal program created sup...
26  cards
33 - Poverty and Homelessness
Why is it difficult to know the e...,
A nurse is implementing an interv...,
A community health nurse is carin...
28  cards
6 - Application of Ethics in the Community
According to leininger and watson...,
Which ethical principle requires ...,
Which statement regarding florenc...
25  cards
9 - Population-Based Public Health Nursing Practice: The Intervention Wheel
A phn is conducting a community a...,
A phn is using collaboration coal...,
A phn is developing a measurable ...
23  cards
22 - Case Management
A patient with a long history of ...,
A case manager provides a formal ...,
A nurse is using life care planni...
31  cards
46 - Public Health Nursing at Local, State, and National Levels
A nurse is providing information ...,
A nurse is providing services for...,
Which is a principle of good prac...
19  cards
10 - Environmental Health
Environmental health is important...,
A nurse has identified a point so...,
A nurse is completing the first p...
24  cards
43 - The Nurse in Occupational Health
Which was the first legislation t...,
An employer offers a limited duty...,
An occupational health nurse has ...
30  cards
7 - Cultural Diversity in the Community
Research has shown that asian men...,
A nurse will be using an interpre...,
A client comes into the clinic an...
33  cards

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