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Grab Bag #4 - Rivers and Chemistry
River in south america and is the...,
10th largest river and seperates ...,
Second largest river in africa an...
33  cards
Grab Bag #4 - Paintings, Songs, and Musicals
Group that signed the declaration...,
Group that created the articles o...,
Met to fix the articles of confed...
72  cards
Active Volcanoes
All of the volcanoes in this article are either stratovolcanoes or shield volcanoes. A stratovolcano is a conical volcano that has been gradually built up by layers of rock strata. A shield volcano is built up over time by broad sheets of viscous lava until it resembles a warrior’s shield. Stratovolcanoes are more common and tend to have more dramatic profiles.
10  cards
African Bodies of Water
Nile river,
Congo river,
Zambezi river
11  cards
American Plays
Our town,
Long day s journey into night,
Who s afraid of virginia woolf
12  cards
Ancient Greek Plays
The frogs aristophanes,
The birds aristophanes,
The clouds aristophanes
10  cards
Authors of Speculative Fiction
Mary shelley 1797 1851 united kin...,
Jules verne 1828 1905 france,
Herbert george wells 1866 1946 un...
10  cards
Charles Dickens Novels
The london gentleman samuel pickw...,
The orphan oliver is brought up i...,
After his father dies nicholas ni...
10  cards
Latin American Authors
Gabriel garcia marquez,
Pablo neruda,
Jorge luis borges
9  cards
American Literature
Populer for to kill a mockingbird...,
Won the pulitzer prizefor his wor...,
Known for his game of throwns series
74  cards
South American Countries
13  cards
European Capitals
50  cards
World Rivers and Lakes
This north flowing river is the m...,
This famous river is the second l...,
A famous river in south america a...
19  cards
World Mountain Ranges
A mountain system of south centra...,
A mountain system in kashmir that...,
A major mountain range in western...
15  cards
Bridges of the World
1 mile wide connecting san franci...,
A hybrid cable stayed suspension ...,
World famous hertiage site steel ...
10  cards
World Islands
5th largest island in the world t...,
6th largest island in the world t...,
Large island in southeast asia an...
15  cards
A marble statue depicted of bibli...,
A marble sculpture depicitng the ...,
A famous copper statue in new yor...
11  cards
Classical Music and Composers
1812 overutre,
Symphony no 5,
Symphony no 41 jupiter
15  cards
Plays and Theatre
Willy loman is a salesman living ...,
Based on the play by tennessee wi...,
Eugene o neill s tells the story ...
10  cards
Buildings and Architects
Famous architect known for his wo...,
This architect was famous for the...,
This architect was an immigrant w...
19  cards
Often called the bard of avon was...,
The ghost of the king of denmark ...,
A scottish ganeral is fated to ta...
10  cards
He is a fmous painter known bet f...,
He is a famous painter and is kno...,
This famous painter is a french p...
18  cards
Systems of the Body
Circuates blood around the body v...,
Absorbs nutrients and removes was...,
Influences the body by the use of...
12  cards
Types of Doctors
A doctor that takes care of patie...,
A doctor who specializes in treat...,
A doctor who studies the glands t...
11  cards
Taxonomic Order
The second smallest unit of class...,
The system of classification for ...,
Classified between order and genu...
8  cards
Animal Phyla
An invertebrate animal having an ...,
A segmented worms such as earthwo...,
Containing over 9 000 species fou...
16  cards
A thick solution that fills each ...,
The semipermeable membrane surrou...,
An organelle found in large numbe...
14  cards
This disease is spread by airborn...,
This disease is a sti that affect...,
This disease is spread through co...
19  cards
Plant Processes
Process used by plants and other ...,
Set of metabolic reactions and pr...,
Process of water movement through...
8  cards
Medical Prefixes
Before in front of or forward,
Opposing or against,
Double two twice both
21  cards
Medical Suffixes
11  cards
The Presidents
Became president of the united st...,
A founding father of the united s...,
Third pres of the united states t...
9  cards
Presidential Succession
2nd in line,
3rd in line,
4th in line
18  cards
Senators and States
Jack reed and sheldon whitehouse,
Bob menendez and cory booker,
Chuck schumer and kirsten gillibrand
50  cards
The Amendments
27  cards
Supreme Court Cases
This supreme court case establish...,
This case established the scope o...,
This case allowed the supreme cou...
16  cards
Current Cabinet Officials
Vice president,
Secretary of states,
Secretary of treasury
18  cards
Ancient World Literature
An ancient greek epic poem tradit...,
A sequal to the iliad this epic p...,
A large body of religious texts o...
10  cards
Nobel Prize Winners
A columbian novelist who won the ...,
A novelist born in algeria who wo...,
A british novelist who won the no...
10  cards
Modern World Poetry
Chilean poet known for ode to my ...,
English poet whose works include ...,
Irish poet known for her voice fl...
15  cards
Enlgish Poets
Is one of the founders of the iri...,
Sylvia plath was one of the most ...,
An english poet playwright and ac...
10  cards
Old English Literature
The story of a carpenter his love...,
Its protagonist is chauntecleer a...,
This canterbury tale involves two...
11  cards
Major World Battles
One of the first or possibly the ...,
A battle during the warring state...,
The athenians were deciding on wh...
11  cards
World Rebellions
A rebellion that was caused by po...,
A famous rebellion that overthrew...,
A famous revolution led by fidel ...
12  cards
World Leaders
Victor emmanuel,
Joseph stalin and vladimir lenin,
Otto von bismarck
20  cards
European Royalty
This queen of england was also kn...,
This english king is commonly kno...,
He was the son of mary queen of s...
15  cards
Chemical symbol li atomic number ...,
Chemical symbol be atomic number ...,
Chemical symbol b atomic number 5...
21  cards
The Solar System
This is one of mars 2 moons this ...,
This is the other moon of mars an...,
The second largest moon of jupite...
17  cards
Units of Measurement
In the international system of un...,
A measure of the total quantity o...,
This unit of measure is speed wit...
14  cards
Physical Laws
At a constant pressure the volume...,
At a constant temperature the vol...,
The state of an ideal gas is dete...
18  cards
Science Mathematical Letters
15  cards
Number of carbon atoms 1,
Number of carbon atoms 2,
Number of carbon atoms 3
20  cards
Famous Experiments
First measured circumfrence of ea...,
Found out the real secret to bloo...,
Rules of gene inheritance 1855 1863
9  cards
Famous Americans
Revelutionised american industry ...,
Was named the greatest male star ...,
Often referred to as the king he ...
16  cards
Famous American Battles
Also called the battle sharpsburg...,
A battle fought in 1863 and it wa...,
This battle took place on june 17...
10  cards
American Treaties and Generals
Ended the american revolution wit...,
British agreed to leave the forts...,
Spain allowed americans to travel...
18  cards
Social Movements
A struggle for social justice tha...,
Traced back to 1848 seneca falls ...,
Movement in the 1950s was facilit...
11  cards
State Facts
38th state state to coin the name...,
44th state this states name means...,
1st state only state without any ...
15  cards
Random Trivia #2
Part of the brain that controls y...,
This ancestor to the computer was...,
Cambodian polotician that became ...
59  cards
American Lit/Geography
Play in which vladimir and estrag...,
A dystopian novella released in 1...,
This story takes place in africa ...
42  cards

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