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Lit unfortunately
What author has a novel where fri...,
Who wrote the vicomte of bragelonne,
What text tells rulers that it is...
101  cards
Say hi to the new galaxy note
The stone breakers,
Symphony based on its composer s ...,
New world symphony
153  cards
Slam Dunks
Aromatic hydrocarbon c6h6,
Most electronegative halogen
426  cards
Art stuff
Who wrote major barbara,
What work is found in the piazza ...,
Who designed the fountain of the ...
100  cards
Religion stuff
What book of the bible begins wit...,
What god contains a crescent moon...,
What religions important texts in...
54  cards
History/geography kinda
What office expanded it s landhol...,
What island was invaded in the la...,
Who was the only british prime mi...
100  cards
More history/geography
What country is bisected by the g...,
Who is the current chancellor of ...,
What man reportedly died from a n...
100  cards
Even more art stuff
100  cards
More lit
What character operates a holisti...,
What author wrote the turn of the...,
What author wrote about a dying w...
101  cards
History part 3
What new deal program was directe...,
What war failed to end despite th...,
What ruler brought the minting of...
101  cards
hooray more lt :(
What poet wrote the bridge and re...,
What character often thinks about...
100  cards
History 4 I think
In what election year did thomas ...,
What man s argument in smith v al...,
What war had a battle where the c...
124  cards
Art part 3
What artist named his track naima...,
What artist depicted a seated wom...,
What sculpture had a cast created...
76  cards
Lit 4
What treasonous noble do dante an...,
What poem borrows a line about th...,
What author of the martian chroni...
5  cards
Science but mine
The amount of what molecule can b...,
What device s reactance is invers...,
What quantity is given as the new...
9  cards
Philosophy and other things I dont like
What scottish philosopher wrote a...,
What work of finnish myth was com...
4  cards
Everything Now Bc Im Lazy
What language was used to write t...,
What term is used to represent th...,
What debt instruments are contras...
195  cards

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