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MRI overview
Imaging in mri relies on the quan...,
What is spin in mri,
What is the orientation of the ma...
32  cards
MRI equipment
What are the 6 main components of...,
What is rf shielding and what mat...,
What st
40  cards
MRI safety
What are local rules in mri,
What are controlled ares in mri,
What are 4 main publishers of mri...
46  cards
MRI physics and principles
General overview on how mri works,
What percentage of the human body...,
What type of nuclei have a non ze...
37  cards
MRI sequences and principles
How is a signal in mri received,
What 2 things does the angle of t...,
Explain what the free induction d...
51  cards
Mammography Physics
Be aware that fibrous tissue and ...,
What is the difference between br...,
How does high glandularity of bre...
77  cards
Mammography In Practic
What is the biggest sign risk fac...,
Klinefelters syndrome is a geneti...,
How can male to female gender rea...
55  cards
fluroscopic systems: image intensifier (traditional)
What is fluroscopy used for,
What is r f system,
Be aware that you need a static i...
82  cards
fluoroscopic system: flat panel (modern)
What is the difference between th...,
What is the power range of the fr...,
What is the exposure range of the...
42  cards
Digital subtraction angiography
What is dsa,
What is dsa good for,
Radiopaque structures such as bon...
33  cards
nuclear medicine
What type of camera is used in nu...,
What are the 4 main components of...,
The gamma camera is capable of mu...
48  cards
nuclear medicine imaging and therapies
Wha are 4 imaging techniques in n...,
Static dynamic whole body are pla...,
Explain how radiation dose and ex...
41  cards
ultrasound principle
What does ultrasound use for dete...,
What frequency range are sound waves,
Know that sound waves can be form...
139  cards
bone densitometers DXA
Know that there is cortical outer...,
Define osteopenia,
What is osteoperosis
33  cards
application of ultrasound
What benefit does ultrasound have...,
Sonography is not a profession in...,
What are the 2 forms of ultrasound
39  cards
CT principles
Ct scanners need exact source det...,
Why does the tube need to be perp...,
What is ct measured according to
72  cards
CT physics
Principle behind creating ct imag...,
What are the 3 components of a ct...,
Das is used to send data from sca...
128  cards
scan data to image formation
Define spatial resolution,
What is limiting resolution,
If you are looking for something ...
48  cards
dose and image quality
What 3 factors affect patient dos...,
Ma directly proportional to doser...,
More photons are produced at high...
29  cards
importance of CT in patient care pathways + ct image manipulation
What is the dose of a ct scan wha...,
What are some issues concerned wi...,
Emergency ct pathways trauma head...
31  cards
MRI contrast agents
What is a contrast agent,
What is intre articular administr...,
What is the main contrast agent u...
49  cards
MRI sequences and image formation 1
What is te,
The signal detected after the fli...,
What are the purpose of gradient ...
60  cards
inversion recover (STIR/FLAIR)
What is the purpose of inversion ...,
Which recovery sequence is utilis...,
Explain the process of inversion ...
28  cards
MRI image formation pt 2
1  cards

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