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Radiological Measurements
Absorbed dose,
Effective dose
14  cards
Ten Commandments Of Radiation Protection
Understand and apply,
Do not allow,
Never stand
10  cards
Chapter One (Bushong) "penguins," and Powerpoint
34  cards
Physics Measurements
Derived quantities are,
Base quantities are,
12  cards
Chap 2 Powerpoint
The atom describes the smallest p...,
Atom what language is it derived ...,
The atoms is the smallest
21  cards
Final Study Guide
Space charge,
52  cards
Structure Of Matter
0  cards
Control Of Scatter & Grid
What is a beam restricting device,
What is scatter,
What are three factors that contr...
207  cards
Electromagnetic Energy
Which of the following is not a f...,
Ionizing radiation has enough ene...,
Select the order of increasing en...
18  cards
Chapter 1 and 2 worksheet
Energy is defined as,
Which of the following examples b...,
In einstein s famous e mc 2 equat...
33  cards
Structure of Matter
The bohr model of the atom consis...,
The nucleus of an atom contains w...,
Nucleons consist of which of the ...
33  cards
Test 2
The four types of electrical mate...,
Which material is not a conductor...,
Which of these materials is not a...
118  cards
Final exam
Oersted s experiment,
Oersted s experiment is the basis...,
Faraday s experiment
11  cards
X-ray emission and Image Quality
Xray quantity is,
Radiation exposure,
Radiation exposure xray intensity...
218  cards
Main function of fluoroscopy is,
Dynamic refers to,
How does the radiologist highligh...
159  cards

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