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Define radiation,
Define x radiation,
Define x ray photons
28  cards
Radiation physics
What is matter,
What is an atom,
What is the atomic structure
15  cards
X Ray Tubehead
What is the x ray tubehead,
What does the insulating oil do i...,
What is the tubehead seal
17  cards
Radiation Characteristics
What are 5 things that affect x r...,
What determines the energy and pe...,
What is the term x ray beam quali...
29  cards
Dental X-Ray Equipment
What are the component parts of t...,
What is the indicator light,
What is the exposure light
3  cards
Dental X-Ray Film
What are dental films composed of,
What is the film base composed of,
What is the purpose of the adhesi...
25  cards
Radiation Biology
What are the 2 possible mechanism...,
What is ionization,
What is a free radical
51  cards
Radiation Protection
What are 3 components of the equi...,
What is inherent filtration,
What is added filtration
26  cards
Dental X-Ray Film
What is the purpose of dental x r...,
What is an image,
What is a receptor
53  cards
Film Processing
What is film processing,
What are film processing fundamen...,
What is reduction
62  cards
Descriptive terminology
What is descriptive terminology,
Why do we use descriptive termino...,
Descriptive terminology vs diagnosis
18  cards
IDing restorations, dental materials and foreign objects
7 types of restorations,
Identifying metal restorations,
Identifying nonmetallic restorations
11  cards
Interpretation of dental caries
What are caries,
How can we detect caries,
What are the benefits of radiogra...
20  cards
Interpretation of periodontal disease
How does the lamina dura appear o...,
How does the alveolar crest appea...,
Where is the periodontal ligament...
22  cards
Interpretation of trauma, plural lesions and periapical lesions
What is trauma how does it affect...,
What are fractures what does this...,
What are crown fractures
23  cards
Paralleling technique
Other names for paralleling techn...,
Important terminology,
Principles of paralleling technique
23  cards
Bisecting technique
Basic concepts of bisecting techn...,
Why do we use the bisecting techn...,
Terminology for bisecting technique
27  cards
Bite wing technique
What is the bite wing technique,
Important terminology,
Principles of the bite wing techn...
27  cards
occlusal and localization techniques
What is the purpose of the occlus...,
Purpose and use of occlusal techn...
11  cards
legal issues and the dental radiographer
Laws exist that govern the use of...,
Federal and provincial regulations,
Licensure requirements
18  cards
digital imaging
Basic concepts of digital imaging,
Brief explanation of why we use d...
23  cards
film mounting and viewing
What is mounting,
What is film mounting in dental r...,
What is a film mount
19  cards
exposure and technique errors
Appearance cause and correction f...,
Appearance cause and correction f...,
Appearance cause and correction f...
32  cards
panoramic imaging
What is a panoramic image,
What is panoramic imaging,
Purpose and use of panoramic imaging
34  cards
imaging of patients with special needs
What is gagging what is the gag r...,
2 precipitating factors for the i...,
Patient management
28  cards

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