rces self assessment

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Conducting pre-procedural activities
A holter monitor is used to asses...,
When draping a patient for a ppm ...,
Where is the primary source of ai...
75  cards
Wes Todd Questions
Define disinfect,
Define bacteriostatic,
Define antiseptic
118  cards
EGM Normal Values
What is the length of a jump beat,
What is the activation sequence a...,
What is the activation sequence a...
16  cards
EGM assessment of arrhythmias
What is chronic afl associated with,
What is the acute management of afl,
What are the two types of cardiov...
35  cards
What percentage of patients prese...,
What is the drug of choice to ter...,
What are the characteristics of a...
12  cards
A delta wave is associated with w...,
What percentage of patients prese...,
What percentage of patients have ...
18  cards
Atrial Tachycardia
Atrial tach accounts for what per...,
A v a a v response would be seen ...,
Earliest atrial activation comes ...
9  cards
A. Fib/flutter
What is the most common type of t...,
The area of slow conduction in ty...,
Which multipolar catheter is used...
21  cards
What is the most common type of vt,
What is the first line therapy fo...,
How long must a vt last before it...
16  cards
Basic EP
Describe the electrical activity ...,
What part of the ap curve corresp...,
What two pathways can be localize...
58  cards
Pacemaker/ICD assessment
Can torsades be cardioverted,
What are the three requirements f...,
What is life threatening with wpw
42  cards

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