re 110 - ca real estate practice (9th edition)

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How a house looks to a passerby w...,
When selling an older home disclo...,
This new type of barcode that con...
100  cards
Chapter 1: The Salesperson (Mobility is Key)
The california department of real...,
Calling prospective clients who a...,
The illegal mixing of the clients...
39  cards
Chapter 2: Prospecting | Marketing & Advertising For Buyers & Sellers
A time tested step by step method...,
This type of newspaper advertisem...,
Data analysis that gives the sell...
25  cards
Chapter 3: Agency and the Listing Agreement
The relationship between principa...,
This is earned when you have prod...,
A non listing broker with whom th...
25  cards
Chapter 4: The Listing Package & Breakdown of Listing Agreement
A packet of forms an agent provid...,
The amount of cash to be paid for...,
This approach to valuation is one...
22  cards
Chapter 5: Selling | Finding the Right Buyer
Any loss of value due to conditio...,
Normal wear and tear as things ne...,
The loss of value due to adverse ...
22  cards
Chapter 6: The Purchase Agreement
This form sets the amount or rate...,
This form lets the buyers know be...,
This statement identifies items o...
21  cards
Chapter 7: Completing the Residential Purchase Agreement Purchase
The sum of money agreed to in adv...,
The policy issued after the title...,
Takes precedence over all other p...
25  cards
Chapter 8: Online Search, Alerts, and Beyond
The division of a total market in...,
A type of barcode that consists o...,
The most often visited social net...
26  cards
Chapter 9: Finance | Understanding the Finance Process
Over what debt to income percenta...,
To be a qualified borrower under ...,
In california based on lending tr...
37  cards
Chapter 10: Escrow, Transaction Coordinators, and Title Insurance
The processing by a neutral party...,
An escrow business conducted by a...,
An employee of a licensed escrow ...
30  cards
Chapter 11: Taxation of Real Estate
Value placed upon property for pr...,
The sale of property in installme...,
A tax charged according to the va...
30  cards
Chapter 12: Investing and Other Broker-Related Fields
During one of these periods the c...,
An individual who for compensatio...,
A formal declaration before a dul...
24  cards
Chapter 13: Property Management | Managing and Leasing Properties
A tenants right to occupy real es...,
The first civil rights act in cal...,
The refusal of a loan or insuranc...
28  cards
Chapter 14: Licensing, Ethics, and Associations
Every state government uses these...,
The primary objective of this sta...,
The right to enact and enforce la...
29  cards
Chapter 15: Real Property Disclosures and Advisories
This is required for all real pro...,
In the event that toxic contamina...,
The requirement that buyers must ...
36  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 1
A list of prospects regularly con...,
Errors and omission insurance a i...,
An agent with a salespersons lice...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 2
The website realtorcom is associa...,
A good source for finding propert...,
The general purpose of advertisin...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 3
Agency most often refers to the r...,
Open listings a are rarely usedb ...,
If an owner enters into an exclus...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 4
In a listing agreement a no handw...,
The listing package contains how ...,
The listing package is packet of ...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 8
Most agents meet with prospective...,
Businesses that have physical rat...,
The majority of the people in the...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 9
Points are figured on the a amoun...,
A charge to the borrower for payi...,
Impound accounts are prepaid item...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 10
The escrow act is found in the a ...,
An escrow holder can be a a corpo...,
A statement by a lender under a d...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 11
Who is the county officer who has...,
In california annual property tax...,
Escrow prorates property taxes us...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 12
The number one objective for inve...,
Commercial banks make the majorit...,
Income generated from an income p...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 13
The unruh civil rights act is a a...,
The california act that prohibite...,
The refusal of a loan or insuranc...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 14
Every state government regulates ...,
Police power deals with a healthb...,
Any person who is actively involv...
20  cards
CANVAS QUIZ: Chapter 15
In california the state franchise...,
Which of the following that affec...,
What percentage of the gross sale...
20  cards

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