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Lesson 1: Key History
What is a denomination,
What is catholicism,
What are orthodox christians
6  cards
Lesson 2: The Nature of God
What does omnibenevolent mean,
What does omnipotent mean,
What is the word that describes g...
16  cards
Lesson 3: The Trinity
What does the globe with a cross ...,
What is the holy spirit tradition...,
What is the colour of divine life
19  cards
Lesson 4: Creation
What bible quote supports that go...,
What are the six steps to the ord...,
What did god say to command light
45  cards
Lesson 5: Incarnation and Jesus
How did mary become pregnant with...,
What is the gospel quote that sho...,
What is meant by incarnation
31  cards
Lesson 6: Crucifixtion
How did jesus experience pain if ...,
Who said that jesus was innocent ...,
Who had the job of burying jesus
21  cards
Lesson 7: Sin and Salvation
What is sin,
Where do some christians believe ...,
Why do some christians believe te...
22  cards
Lesson 8: Resurrection and Ascension
What is meant by resurrection,
Give a bible quote that says jesu...,
Give a bible quote that shows the...
32  cards
Lesson 9: Judgement Day
Give a quote from the apostles cr...,
What are christians judged upon,
When do christians think judgemen...
7  cards
Lesson 10: Heaven Vs Hell
State 3 ways christians describe ...,
Give a quote that describes what ...,
What 2 things must christians do ...
26  cards
Reasons for War/ Just War
What are the 3 main reasons for war,
Give a quote that shows christian...,
What war did many christians figh...
30  cards
Pacifism + protests
What is pacifism,
Who were conscientious objectors,
Why do some christians chose to b...
23  cards
Terrorism/ WMD's
What is terrorism,
Give 1 form of violent protest,
True or falsechristians think it ...
12  cards
Responses to victims
What 3 examples could someone do ...,
Give a bible quote that shows chr...,
What does the parable of the good...
8  cards
Lesson 1-2: Worship and Prayer
What is worhsip,
What are the different ways chris...,
Give different reasons why christ...
37  cards
Lesson 3: Baptism
What is a religious practice,
What is a sacrament,
What is god s special grace
19  cards
Lesson 6: Festivals
What is a festival,
What does christmas commemorate h...,
True or falsethe christian calend...
15  cards
Lesson 4: Holy Communion
What are sacraments,
What is holy communion,
What do the catholic orthodox and...
16  cards
Lesson 5: Pilgrimage
What is pilgirmage,
What are the 2 popular pilgrimage...,
Why do christians go on pilgirima...
9  cards
Lesson 1: Crime and Punishment overview
Is a good action just doing what ...,
Do all bad actions have to be ill...,
Give a quote in the bible that wa...
5  cards
Lesson 2: Reasons for Crime
Why would poverty lead people to ...,
What would christians think about...,
How can upbringing lead to people...
14  cards
Lesson 3: Attitudes to lawbreakers and crime
How would christians treat a crim...,
What christian teaching teaches t...,
What is a hate crime
6  cards
Lesson 4: Aims of punishment
What is retribution,
What are the 3 main aims of punis...,
What are christian views on retri...
8  cards

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