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Battles of Antiquity
Xerxes was so confident in victor...,
One of the earliest battles in re...,
What 31 bce battle is often consi...
51  cards
Roman Emperors
Near the end of his reign he inva...,
He earned his name little boot fr...,
He also commissioned a wall to ma...
60  cards
Military Commanders Who am I?
Born in 356 bc i never lost a bat...,
I fought as a young officer in ww...,
I was born in dublin but studied ...
21  cards
European Explorers
The father of new france who foun...,
English privateer who plundered m...,
Scottish canadian fur trader and ...
43  cards
Famous Massacres
The st valentines day massacre wa...,
What is the name given to the per...,
Who fired into the crowd of prote...
70  cards
Famous Assassinations
Where was julius caesar assassinated,
Who succeeded indira gandhi as pr...,
Who assassinated martin luther ki...
69  cards
Kings and Queens of England
The first monarch to establish a ...,
King of wessex son of egbert and ...,
The eldest son of aethelwulf he w...
61  cards
Royal and Noble Titles
A king who holds a position of se...,
A hereditary title awarded by the...,
A steward of an islamic state who...
60  cards
U.S. President by Number and Years
1st 1789 1797,
2nd 1797 1801,
3rd 1801 1809
44  cards
Canadian Prime Ministers by Events
Only two prime ministers to die w...,
Prime minister who cancelled the ...,
The three prime ministers who did...
61  cards
Canadian Prime Minister by Number and Years
1st 1867 1873 and 1878 1891,
2nd 1873 1878,
3rd 1891 1892
27  cards
Canadian Politics
Who was the first premier of newf...,
Who was the first new democratic ...,
Who is the leader of the official...
42  cards
History of Ireland WIP
During which years was the potato...,
What was the first form of writin...,
What was the first university in ...
21  cards
Premodern Weapons WIP
A small hunting dagger used mainl...,
Medieval weapon consisting of a s...,
Tigers claw in hindi a claw like ...
63  cards
Saxon and Danish Kings and Queens of England
The first monarch to establish a ...,
King of wessex son of egbert and ...,
The eldest son of aethelwulf he w...
61  cards
Ancient Empires of the Mediterranean and Near East
One of the first civilizations to...,
Tiered pyramid like temples assoc...,
The largest of the sumerian city ...
11  cards
Medieval Kingdoms of Europe
The largest post roman barbarian ...,
European state that lasted from t...,
Empire of the 13th and 14th centu...
16  cards
Medieval Leaders of Europe
The first king of the franks to u...,
Founder of the frankish carolingi...,
Emperor of the byzantine empire a...
5  cards
Russian Tsars
She was born sophie of anhalt zer...,
He launched a program of counter ...,
He ruled russia from the failure ...
21  cards

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