reading olympics 2017

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Fuzzy Mud
Who accused tamaya of being a rea...,
What is the two word school motto...,
Why did marshall decide to take a...
30  cards
Chasing Secrets
Which class is not taught at lizz...,
What animal is often found dead i...,
What prediction is made by the as...
50  cards
Hugo Cabret
Where did hugo find the remains o...,
What is isabelles godfathers full...,
What does isabelle call her godmo...
27  cards
Benjamin Franklinstein LIVES!
What did victor think the three l...,
What color shirt does victor wear...,
What animal did victor think benj...
20  cards
The Fourteenth Goldfish
Where was the tmelvinus kept in t...,
What was the name of the man who ...,
How does ellies grandfather turn ...
19  cards
Tales of Forth Grade Nothing
What is peters turtles name,
Why did fudge want a certain pair...,
What is peters best friends name ...
21  cards
Bud Not Buddy
How old is bud,
What animal is in the amos shed w...,
What town does bud try to hop the...
10  cards
The Iron Trial
Callum did horrible on the iron t...,
Why is jasper so angry at callum ...,
Why does the magisterium exist an...
15  cards
Roller Girl
Who does nichole take to the bout,
What does astrid hate to do,
Who does astrid write notes to
21  cards
What is the name of grandpa bomba...,
At what age does ledges family ge...,
What is uncle autrys savvy
27  cards
The Sign of the Beaver
Where does matt and his family li...,
Why did matts family get back to ...,
What is the name of the person wh...
38  cards
Jack Plank Tells Tales
Where when are these tales being ...,
Who was jack plank,
Why was jack out of work
41  cards
Trouble With Tuck
How did the family know tuck was ...,
What was their solution to his bl...,
What kind of dog helped tuck
15  cards
Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's Tale
Why did thomas jefferson send lew...,
Who did seaman belong to,
Why was he a good dock dog
17  cards
Warriors into the Wild
When rusty joins a cat clan what ...,
What does rustys name get changed...,
How much cat clans are there
12  cards
Fight for Life
What does maggies grandmother do,
Where were the sick puppies comin...,
Brenna the young girl who comes t...
31  cards
The Gold Cadillac
What did lois mom say when her fa...,
What were lois mom and dad saving...,
What did lois dad tell lois and h...
30  cards
Landry News
How did mr larson who taught the ...,
What did he do after he gave his ...,
Where in the classroom did cara w...
19  cards
Stone Fox
What was little willys biggest co...,
What is little willys dogs name,
How old is little willy
16  cards
Why does peters father take pax t...,
What is the vixens bristles react...,
What is the name of the lady who ...
26  cards
Confession of an Imaginary Friend
Why did jacques want to be set free,
How did jacques helped merla get ...,
What was the audiences reaction t...
32  cards
Pictures of Hollis Woods
Where did hollis live,
Where did josie end up living,
When and where did hollis see ste...
28  cards
The Lemonade War
What is evans sisters name,
In the lemonade war were scott an...,
What is the extra food jessie pla...
36  cards
Night on Fire
Why is jarmaine going to use the ...,
Why did uncle harvey make a lie a...,
Why was daddy protecting lavender...
39  cards
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
Why did the mouse not want to go ...,
What animal does he meet in the s...,
What name did they call the mouse...
17  cards
The Return of Zita the Space Girl
What is mouses real name,
What is trapped in the dungeon world,
Why is the leviathan trapped in t...
11  cards
Sammy Keyes And The Hotel Thief
Why does sammy have to sneak into...,
Who is sammys best friend,
What problem does marissas little...
12  cards
The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse
What would happen if chet wouldnt...,
What would happen is chet didnt s...,
What happened to chet when herman...
19  cards
Babysitting is a Dangerous Job
Who are the kidnappers,
Who are the kids,
Where does darcy recommend diana ...
13  cards
Two-Minute Drill
What did scott want to become,
What would coach dolans team be c...,
What team in college did coach do...
20  cards
The Story of the Statue of Liberty
What would the statue be,
What was the skeleton made from a...,
What was the date printed on the ...
17  cards
Shipwreck Search
Who is harry pecorelli,
What does an archaeologist do,
How long is the hl hunley compare...
35  cards
Finding Winnie
Where did harry put winnie when h...,
What was harrys job in the army,
Where did harry use to live
16  cards
Honus and Me
What is the main characters speci...,
Why did he wanted to be a man,
How much money is honuss baseball...
10  cards
My Life as a Book
Who is dereks best friend,
What is the camp that derek gets ...,
How does the trip to marthas vine...
20  cards
Babysitting is a Dangerous Job
Who are the kidnappers,
How old is darcy,
What is the fosters housekeepers ...
20  cards
Poppy and Rye
What kind of animal is ereth,
What makes rye and his brother ra...,
How did ragweed die
30  cards
Through My Eyes
How old is she when the civil rig...,
What is the book about,
Was their mother strict
26  cards
Sonia Sotomayor
When was sonia born,
What was sonias mothers job,
What was sonias fathers job
30  cards
Ramona's World
How old is ramona,
What is yard apes real name,
Who is ramonas best friend
10  cards
Roller Girl
What does astrid hate the most,
What does astrid pore on nicole,
Why does astrid go to nicoles hou...
23  cards
The Gold Cadillac
Why doesnt the mom like the gold ...,
Where is the place that the famil...,
How does the family feel about th...
10  cards
Richard Wright and the Library Card
What stories did he like hearing ...,
What did richard love to do,
Was his family poor or wealthy
11  cards
I Survived- The Joplin Tornado
What is dexs dogs name,
Who almost hit dex with a car,
When did this tornado happen
10  cards
Through my eyes
Where did ruby go to school in ki...,
Who is rubys kindergarten teacher,
Whats the name of the public scho...
10  cards
Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear
Who was hiding behind the screen,
How do matthew and yingtao become...,
What instrument does third sister...
10  cards
The Golden Cadillac
Why did the dad get pulled over,
Why didnt the mom like the golden...,
Who lived with their family
11  cards
The Time Warp Trio Viking it and Liking it
How did the time warp trio time t...,
What color is the magic book,
How does grims clan trick leifs clan
10  cards
A Friendship For Today
Why is rosemary switching schools,
What does rosemary call grace,
What disese does jj catch
10  cards
Vet vonlunteers
What grade did maggie get on her ...,
Why was brenna at the clinic,
Who helped maggie find the puppy ...
4  cards
Shipreck Search
What is harrys job,
Who were harrys partners,
When did the war begin
8  cards
Richard Wright and the Library Card
When the librarian asks richard i...,
Where did richard go before he we...,
What kind of office did richard w...
10  cards
Maniac Magee
0  cards

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