reading olympics - bciu - 2020

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Almost Home by Joan Bauer
What was the main character sugar...,
Why are sugar s parents unable to...,
How did sugar end up having a dog
11  cards
Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James Swanson
Who assassinated lincoln and when...,
Why was lincoln assassinated,
Who was john wilkes booth
12  cards
Closed for the Season
Why does logan s mom stop him fro...,
Who does arthur s grandma think k...,
How does silas get mrs donaldson ...
19  cards
House Arrest
What would happen to timothy if h...,
Why was timothy put on house arrest,
Why did timothy steal the wallet
23  cards
Fish in a Tree
Why can t ally read,
How does mr daniels tell the clas...,
What is wrong with ally s card to...
26  cards
The Honest Truth
What is mark s illness,
Who are the angels mark sees,
What does mark eventually do with...
32  cards
The Night Gardener
Where is allistair getting his ca...,
How does molly s appearance change,
What does penny get out of the tree
24  cards
What happens when you turn sixteen,
What does tally s new friend shay...,
Where does shay take tally outsid...
38  cards
Waiting for Normal
What is the phrase that addie use...,
What has addie stolen from her pr...,
Why does addie miss her orchestra...
15  cards
Code Orange
What essay topic does mr lynch as...,
Who are mitty s two best friends,
What infectious disease does oliv...
10  cards
Woods Runner
How much would a single rifle cost,
Name the three parts of the ameri...,
At drapers crossing what did samu...
25  cards
Courage Has No Color
At the beginning of wwii most bla...,
Explain how the triple nickels go...,
Who did paratrooper ted tiger low...
10  cards
Double Identity
How are bethany and elizabeth rel...,
What is a clone,
Describe bethany s life before sh...
9  cards
Projekt 1065
We learn michael the narrator of ...,
What is michael s father s job wh...,
Michael and his parents witness t...
16  cards
Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps
What was the language that the je...,
What was ordered of the polish je...,
How did jack get separated from h...
11  cards
What is the camp s name where sta...,
How is stanleys last name signifi...,
What is the boy s name who runs a...
10  cards
I Am Malala
In what country did malala and he...,
How many offers of marriage did m...,
What book currently on prospect s...
27  cards
The Crossover
What does jb bet his twin brother...,
What professional basketball team...,
What did josh filthy mcnasty do t...
14  cards

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reading olympics - bciu - 2020

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