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Chapter 2 -Rights
A type of estate that is created ...,
What is included in a lesser estate,
A type of estate created when the...
40  cards
Terms Pt.1
100 commission plan,
4 3 2 1 rule,
25  cards
Terms Pt. 2
Administrative law,
Administrators deed
26  cards
Terms Pt.3
Artificial monuments,
As is
25  cards
Terms Pt.4
Blanket mortgage,
Blind ad,
29  cards
Terms Pt.5
Closed mortgage,
Closing costs
27  cards
Terms Pt.6
Constructive eviction,
Constructive fraud,
Constructive notice
25  cards
Terms Pt.7
Credit report,
Covenants of title
26  cards
Terms Pt.8
Discount points,
Discount rate,
25  cards
Terms Pt.9
Fee simple absolute,
Conditional fee,
Homestead protection
24  cards
Ch. 1 Terms
3 physical characteristics of land,
Economic characteristics of land
29  cards
Chapter 1 HW (Property)
1 all of the following items are ...,
A seller wishes to remove certain...,
A permanent addition to a buildin...
20  cards
Ch. 2 HW (Rights)
Several legal steps must sometime...,
Concerning liens which of the fol...,
An easement created for the purpo...
20  cards
Ch. 3 HW (Ownership)
If there is no indication in the ...,
Ownership of real estate for such...,
A condominium may be used for whi...
20  cards
Ch. 4 HW (Transfer)
Priority of interest in real esta...,
T fa deed conveys a future intere...,
The covenant in which a grantor p...
20  cards
Ch. 5 HW (Government)
What can be done under police power,
A developer purchased a parcel of...,
Zoning ordinances and subdivision...
18  cards
Chapter 6 Review (Agency)
A listing contract,
In some cases a brokers commissio...,
When a salesperson performs the d...
20  cards
Ch.6 HW Agency
The law will act to end a listing...,
A broker whose negligence in prep...,
According to georgia law a listin...
17  cards
Ch. 8 HW (Contracts)
If a purchaser breaches a valid a...,
How my a contract be discharged,
Frances an elderly lady entered i...
20  cards
Ch.10 HW (Leases)
Which of the following is incorre...,
Which of the following may be use...,
A leasing arrangement used by a b...
20  cards
Chapter 12 notes (value)
Prerequisites to valuedust,
Types of value,
Appraisal process
21  cards
Terms pt. 10
Equal dignities rule,
Equalization factor
2  cards
Square footage,
9  cards
Agency principles of,
Agency law duties to client,
Agency termination
19  cards
Ch. 12 HW (Value)
All of the following might contri...,
What is the first step in the app...,
The elements of value do not include
20  cards
Ch. 14 HW (Finance)
Seller bob wants to sell his hous...,
An acceleration clause gives the ...,
Stone purchased farm land from fo...
20  cards

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