real estate notes -ce shop - national part

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PSI Exam Prep: Contracts
It requires that certain types of...,
What are the 5 characteristics th...,
This occurs when the parties ente...
36  cards
PSI 2.0 Exam Prep: Financing
What is the average origination fee,
How to calculate lvt,
What is pmi
65  cards
PSI Exam Prep: General Principles of Agency
It is someone who uses or purchas...,
It is someone who s working with ...,
It is usually the party to the tr...
52  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Land Use Controls and Regulations
These are taxes based on the valu...,
These taxes may pay for items suc...,
These taxes are imposed only on p...
70  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Leasing and Property Management
What is a property manager s prim...,
These are the parties to a proper...,
Property management agreements sh...
48  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Practice of Real Estate
Who can act like an escrow agent,
Federal laws outline seven protec...,
It prohibits housing discriminati...
49  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Property Disclosures
Standing water present more than ...,
Mulch mounded against a house or ...,
A sinkhole or settling beyond wha...
27  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Property Ownership
The earth s surface extending dow...,
Land plus all things permanently ...,
Real estate plus the interests be...
140  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Real Estate Calculations
How do you find the loan to value...,
Sue is selling her house for 265 ...,
Henry submits an offer on a condo...
6  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Transfer of Title
It protects buyers and lenders th...,
The title policy will include a s...,
It gives the title insurance comp...
52  cards
PSI Exam Prep: Valuation and Market Analysis
It is a formal opinion of value t...,
It is the process of forming an o...,
Appraisers follow the uniform sta...
56  cards
Georgia Exam Prep: Finance and Closing
In order to be a valid contract t...,
What are the security instruments...,
What security instrument does geo...
67  cards
Georgia Exam Prep: Real Estate Practice
After a fierce bidding war with t...,
Suppose your buyer clients has fa...,
Kristin is going over an exclusiv...
40  cards
Georgia Exam Prep: State Laws and Rules
How old must a broker be in georgia,
Who or which entity has the autho...,
What legal agreement is required ...
46  cards

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