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THR implant fixation wear and osteolysis catastrophic wear prosthetic joint infections
43  cards
Prosthetic joint infection
Epidemiology of tkr and thr joint...,
Risk factors for prosthetic joint...,
Organisms involved in prosthetic ...
12  cards
Joint disease
OA ostenecrosis/AVN of the hip Adult hip dysplasia
27  cards
Prosthesis design THR technique
23  cards
THR stability and dislocation
Incidence of thr dilocation in pr...,
4 important variables that determ...,
Component design affect stability...
15  cards
Revision of THR
Indications for revision thr,
Classification of loosening in ac...,
Classification of loosening in fe...
12  cards
Hip resurfacing
Indications for mom hip resurfacing,
Contraindications for mom hip res...,
Adv of hip resurfacing
6  cards
Hip Arthrodesis
Biomechanics of a hip arthrodesis,
Prognosis of a hip arthrodesis,
Indications for hip arthrodesis
10  cards
THR periprosthetic fractures
Epidemiology of thr periprostheti...,
Periprosthetic fx prevention,
Mechanism and risk factors for ac...
13  cards
THR complications
Name the complications post thr,
Epidemiology of sciatic nerve pal...,
Sciatic nerve palsy post thr
17  cards
TKR Design
Designs of a tkr,
What is femoral rollback,
Important of femoral rollback and...
20  cards
Alignment in TKR
Normal anatomical alignment of th...,
Technical goals of tkr,
Draw the mechanical and anatomica...
32  cards
Patella baja
What is patella baja,
Presentation of patella baja,
Patella baja identified on xrays
5  cards
TKR revision
Causes of failure in tkr,
Aseptic failure in tkr,
Goals of revision surgery
6  cards
Unicompartment knee replacements
Indications of unicompartent knee...,
Epidemiology of unicompartment kn...,
Types of unicompartment oa
9  cards
Knee arthrodesis
Optimial position for knee arthro...,
Indications of knee arthrodesis,
What are the contraindications to...
5  cards
TKR complications
Risk factors for tkr complications,
Types of tkr instability,
Treat axial instability
21  cards

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