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REG 1 - Ethics and Responsibility in Tax Practice 1
Teo has a private company audit c...,
A cpa prepared a tax return for a...,
T f tia a cpa working for the irs...
16  cards
REG 2 - Ethics and Responsibility in Tax Practice 2
Cpa monrew induced several rich t...,
Tory researched a position that h...,
Joe is the trustee of a trust set...
8  cards
REG 3 - Legal Duties and Responsibilities
Cpa talmacs engagement letter wit...,
Under the ultramares rule to whic...,
Which of the following statements...
25  cards
REG 4 - Contracts 1 - Intro/Offer and Acceptance
Mary offers to buy hals desktop c...,
Kay an art collector promised ham...,
Susan worth has a lease for two y...
13  cards
REG 5 - Contracts 2 - Consideration
Which of the following requires c...,
Grove is seeking to avoid perform...,
In which of the following situati...
5  cards
REG 6 - Contracts 3 - Statute of Frauds
Bond and spear orally agreed that...,
To which of the following transac...,
Under the parol evidence rule ora...
11  cards
REG 7 - Contracts 4 - Third Party Rights/Remedies
Which of the following if intenti...,
Green was adjudicated incompetent...,
Maco inc and kent contracted for ...
22  cards
REG 8 - UCC Article 2 - Sales 1 - Intro/Formation/Passage of Title
Under the ucc sales article which...,
Under the sales article of the uc...,
On may 2 handy hardware sent ram ...
19  cards
REG 9 - UCC Article 2 - Sales 2 - Performance/Non-Performance
Under the sales article of the uc...,
On may 2 handy hardware sent ram ...,
Morgan is suing the manufacturer ...
11  cards
REG 10 - UCC Article 2 - Sales 3 - Seller/Buyer Remedies
Under the sales article of the uc...,
Smith contracted in writing to se...,
Lopez contracts to sell 50 gallon...
11  cards
REG 11 - UCC Article 3 - Negotiable Instruments 1
Y n a negotiable instrument can b...,
Under the negotiable instruments ...,
Which of the following negotiable...
14  cards
REG 12 - UCC Article 3 - Negotiable Instruments 2 - HDC/Presentment/Payment/Dishonor
Under the negotiable instruments ...,
A 5 000 promissory note payable t...,
In a note executed and negotiable...
27  cards
REG 13 - UCC Article 5 & 7 - Letters of Credit/Title Docs
A seller and buyer enter into an ...,
T f consideration must be paid be...,
T f once a letter of credit which...
12  cards
REG 14 - UCC Article 9 - Secured Transactions - Secured Transactions-Terminology/Perfection
Under the ucc secured transaction...,
Under the secured transactions ar...,
T f to create a security interest...
27  cards
REG 15 - Debtor-Creditor Relationships
Mane bank lent eller 120 000 and ...,
Camp orally guaranteed payment of...,
Sorus and ace have agreed in writ...
11  cards
REG 16 - Real Property
On august 15 1994 tower nolan and...,
Which of the following interests ...,
Sklar rich and cey own a building...
11  cards
REG 17 - Bankruptcy
A party involuntarily petitioned ...,
A voluntary petition filed under ...,
To file for bankruptcy under chap...
42  cards
REG 18 - Agency
Orr gives north power of attorney...,
How is apparent authority created...,
Which of the following would not ...
20  cards
REG 19 - Federal Securities Regulation
Which of the following transactio...,
T f d induced ps and many others ...,
T f abc owned 100 of the stock of...
44  cards
REG 20 - Other Federal Laws and Regulation 1 - Anti-Discrimination/Employee welfare/FUTA
Under title vii of the 1964 civil...,
Brock is terminated for a smoking...,
Under the federal age discriminat...
30  cards
REG 21 - Other Federal Laws and Regulation 2 - Union and Emploee relations/Antitrust/Patents
Kroll an employee of acorn inc is...,
T f eds employer edf corp carries...,
T f to obtain a search warrant os...
22  cards
REG 22 - Business Structure 1 - Bus Entity/Formation/Operation/Termination
Consuelo is a limited partner who...,
Which of the following parties ge...,
Which of the following forms of b...
27  cards
REG 23 - Business Structure 2 - Authority
Mary buys an interest in the abc ...,
A corporate stockholder is entitl...,
Unless the partnership agreement ...
14  cards
REG 24 - Property Transactions 1 - Sale and disposition/Cap Gains/Losses
In june 2014 halls mother gifted ...,
The sale of which of the followin...,
Upon her grandfathers death jorda...
15  cards
REG 25 - Property Transactions 2 - Cost Recovery
On august 22 2014 martha purchase...,
Lobster inc incurs the following ...,
Jared purchases an apartment buil...
13  cards
REG 26 - Property Transactions 3 - Like Kind/Involentary Conversions
Hogan exchanged a business use ma...,
T f replacement property in an in...,
T f replacement property in an in...
8  cards
REG 27 - Income 1 - Gross Income
A cash basis taxpayer should repo...,
Charles and marcia are married ca...,
Micro corp a calendar year accrua...
16  cards
REG 28 - Income 2 - Exclusions
Klein a masters degree candidate ...,
Which payment s is are included i...,
Dale received 1 000 in 2015 for j...
14  cards
REG 29 - Income 3 - Employee Benefits/Retirement Plans
Under a cafeteria plan maintained...,
Darr an employee of sorce c corpo...,
Johnson worked for abc co and ear...
17  cards
FAR 30 - Deductions 1 - Principles/From AGI
On december 1 2013 michaels a sel...,
Keyman insurance premiums paid on...,
Sam has been engaged in an illega...
10  cards
FAR 31 - Deductions 2 - Itemized Medical/Taxes/Interest
Matthews was a cash basis taxpaye...,
Carroll an unmarried taxpayer wit...,
The 2015 deduction by an individu...
9  cards
FAR 32 - Deductions 3 - Employee Business Expense
During the 2015 holiday season pa...,
Abe architect owns his own archit...
2  cards
FAR 33 - Deductions 4 - Limitations on Business Deductions
Jason budd cpa reports on the cas...,
For the year ended december 31 20...,
An individuals losses on transact...
15  cards
REG 34 - Individual Tax Issues
Jim and kay ross contributed to t...,
T f for purposes of determining w...,
For head of household filing stat...
15  cards
REG 35 - Tax Credits
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following credits ca...,
T f a taxpayer cannot be eligible...
11  cards
REG 36 - Corporate Taxation 1 - Formation/Income/Spec Deductions
The sole shareholder of an s corp...,
Jones incorporated a sole proprie...,
In april a and b formed x corp a ...
18  cards
REG 37 - Corporate Taxation 2 - Corp AMT/Penalty/Related Corp Tax
Widget corporation was formed in ...,
Rona corp s 2014 alternative mini...,
T f federal income tax reduces al...
21  cards
REG 38 - Corporate Taxation 3 - Distributions/Liquidations/Re-org
Webster a c corporation has 70 00...,
Tank corp which had earnings and ...,
Fox the sole shareholder in fall ...
27  cards
REG 39 - Multijurisdictional Tax Issues
Woods corporations federal taxabl...,
T f business income is generally ...,
Mr travel is a us citizen who has...
10  cards
REG 40 - Tax-Exempt Entities
Maple avenue assembly a tax exemp...,
Which of the following activities...,
Which of the following exempt org...
9  cards
REG 41 - Partnership Taxation 1 - Formation
Kerr and marcus form km partnersh...,
Pert contributed land with a fair...,
The method used to depreciate par...
9  cards
REG 42 - Partnership Taxation 2 - Flow Through/Partner Transactions
What is the tax treatment of net ...,
Pdk llc had three members with eq...,
Dales distributive share of incom...
10  cards
REG 43 - Partnership Taxation 3 - Distibutions/Sales/Terminations
As a general partner in greenland...,
On june 30 2014 berk retired from...,
T f a partner cannot recognize a ...
9  cards
REG 44 - S Corporation Taxation
Which of the following is an elig...,
After a corporations status as an...,
Village corp a calendar year corp...
13  cards
REG 45 - Estate and Gift Taxation
Which of the following payments w...,
Under the unified rate schedule a...,
T f the annual gift tax exclusion...
11  cards
REG 46 - Fiduciary Taxation
Pat created a trust transferred p...,
The simone trust reported distrib...,
Income in respect of a cash basis...
6  cards
REG 47 - Tax Research and Practice 1 - Authoritative Sources
All of the following are administ...,
Which of the following courts is ...,
Which senate committee considers ...
7  cards
REG 48 - Tax Research and Practice 2 - Procedures/Compliance
If a taxpayer receives a 30 day l...,
A corporations tax year can be re...,
T f to electronically file a marr...
8  cards
REG 49 - Other Tax Issues - Tax Planning/Business Entity Choice
Jose has owned stock for eight ye...,
Appropriate strategies for reduci...,
Ms planner is in the 25 tax brack...
13  cards

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