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The farmer is working on the ____...,
The farmer ______ the fork in the...,
Helen took hold of a lock of her ...
41  cards
All right people ______ ___,
What come here ______ ___ guys,
Okay ______ ___ everyone
44  cards
Modal verbs
I _____ run five miles in an hour,
I _____ cook italian food too,
_____ i go out with jennifer on f...
93  cards
Phonemic chart
0  cards
Regular verbs part 1 (A to B)
Johns jokes ______ the whole family,
The puppeteer ______ the children...,
The new cartoon ______ the older ...
54  cards
Regular verbs part 2 (Letter C)
We ______ in a tent under the stars,
Michelangelo liked to _____ huge ...,
Jack hopes to _____ ___ a career ...
72  cards
Regular verbs part 3 (Letters D and E)
Behind the ___ is a large calm po...,
The lambs and their ___ paraded a...,
They ______ the stream to create ...
43  cards
Regular verbs part 4 (Letter F)
The ball hit him in the ____,
____ the teacher when youre talki...,
We have to ____ the facts
110  cards
Regular verbs part 5 (Letter G)
______ into the crystal ball and ...,
Youve been ______ out the window ...,
His intent ______ pierced me like...
49  cards
Regular verbs part 6 (H)
______ and nails are the main too...,
The auctioneer raised his ______ ...,
He won a silver medal in the ____...
76  cards
Regular verbs part 7 (I)
Two people were killed and eight ...,
She has withdrawn from the games ...,
Having to appear in court would _...
23  cards
Regular verbs part 8 (J)
You can end up in ______ for robbery,
This activity is punishable with ...,
The judge ______ him for theft
33  cards
Regular verbs part 10 (K)
Mrs fairhead is ______ sweaters f...,
Im going to ______ a scarf for my...,
Peters always ______ his brow so ...
16  cards
Regular verbs part 11 (L)
Remove the ______ from the bottle...,
Our band is still looking for a _...,
We need to ______ all those boxes
84  cards
Regular verbs part 12 (M)
I need to find someone to ______ ...,
We need someone we trust to _____...,
The boat was ______ by polynesians
78  cards
Regular verbs part 13 (N)
We need one inch ______ for this ...,
I broke a ______ and it hurts a lot,
______ this piece to that one and...
37  cards
Regular verbs part 14 (O)
The students ______ to having cla...,
We ______ that it was a very expe...,
Emergencies dont ______ every day
32  cards
Regular verbs part 15 (P part 1)
Nowadays it is hard to see a ____...,
A ____ of dogs was chasing the po...,
They sold me a ____ of toothbrushes
72  cards
Regular verbs part 16 (P parte 2)
We still need to ____ some music ...,
I need to ____ some shoes for the...,
Were going to the adoption center...
80  cards
Regular verbs part 17 (Q)
They ______ me about my health,
The police ______ him after the m...,
I ______ his honesty from the beg...
7  cards
Regular verbs part 18 (R)
Miguel won the ______,
Were all members of the human ___...,
She is ______ in this weekends ma...
170  cards
Regular verbs part 20 (S part 1)
The cellar was full of ______ of ...,
They loaded the ______ of flour i...,
The ______ of the city was swift ...
94  cards
Regular verbs part 21 (S part 2)
Lets go sit under that oak so we ...,
How about this ______ of blue for...,
The car comes in different ______...
133  cards
Regular verbs part 22 (S part 3)
Kirsten ______ the chocolate and ...,
The tracker ______ the air and sa...,
I ______ the briny air and breath...
165  cards
Regular verbs part 23 (S part 4)
Dish soap can help remove oil ___...,
Im looking for a wood ____ in lig...,
He was honorably discharged from ...
169  cards
Regular verbs part 24 (T part 1)
My dog is very ____ so dont worry...,
Wild orcas live for much longer t...,
When she invited us over i didnt ...
88  cards
Regular verbs part 25 (T part 2)
We took a walking _______ of the ...,
We are planning a _______ of the ...,
Im so disappointed that the _____...
109  cards
Regular verbs part 26 (U and V)
Ill give you a moment to ______ a...,
Jimmy felt uncomfortable ______ a...,
He ______ the baby and set about ...
27  cards
Regular verbs part 27 (W part 1)
When sara arrived at the wall of ...,
Phillip ______ for days when he w...,
The wind ______ all the time here...
53  cards
Regular verbs part 28 (W part 2)
The cart driver used a ______ to ...,
The cake comes with a strawberry ...,
The ______ made sure everyone in ...
76  cards
Regular verbs part 27 (X, Y and Z)
______ can be used to treat some ...,
The doctor didnt see anything out...,
We need to ______ your leg to see...
25  cards

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