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Muslim Beliefs
What are the two prominent denomi...,
What are the six beliefs,
What are the five roots of usul a...
10  cards
Matters of Life after Death
What is a muslim response to the ...,
Name one way life is shown as spe...,
What is an example of a scientifi...
8  cards
Marriage and the Family
What does marriage mean to muslims,
Name one muslim teaching on sexua...,
Name one muslim teaching on the p...
6  cards
Living the Muslim Life
What are the ten obligatory acts,
What is the shahadah,
What is sawm
16  cards
Christianity: Peace and Conflict
What are christian attitudes to p...,
What do the quakers feel about peace,
What is an example of jesus actin...
14  cards
Crime and Punishment: Christianity
What is justice,
What is the law,
What is to punish
24  cards
Christian Beliefs
What is the trinity,
What is the nicene creed,
How is the trinity reflected in w...
15  cards
Living the Christian life
What is a denomination,
What is liturgical worship,
What is non liturgical worship
19  cards
Islam Keywords
Ahl al bayt,
102  cards
Christianity Keywords
84  cards
Living the Muslim life Questions
State three of the ten obligatory...,
Explain two ways that a shia musl...,
Outline three beliefs about the s...
10  cards
Islamic Quotes
The six beliefs,
Usul ad din,
The nature of allah
31  cards
Christianity Quotes
The trinity,
The word
33  cards
Matters of Life after death questions
Explain two muslim beliefs about ...,
Outline three muslim beliefs abou...,
Explain two ways life is shown as...
8  cards
Christian beliefs questions
Explain two christian beliefs abo...,
Outline three christian beliefs o...,
Outline three christian beliefs a...
12  cards
GCSE Christianity quotes
The last days of jesus life
17  cards
Muslim beliefs questions
State three religious traditions ...,
Explain two reasons why the six b...,
Outline three of the five roots o...
10  cards
Crime and punishment questions.
Outline three christian beliefs a...,
Explain two christian responses t...,
Outline three possible causes of ...
13  cards
Living the Christian life questions.
Outline three ways a christian ca...,
Outline three christian sacraments,
Explain two reasons are sacrament...
10  cards
Peace and Conflict Questions: Christianity.
Outline three christian beliefs a...,
Explain two reasons why christian...,
Outline three causes of war
9  cards
Marriage and the family questions.
Explain two reasons why muslims m...,
Explain two reasons why muslims a...,
State three types of family
11  cards

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