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Antenatal Care and Screening
What fraction of pregnancies are ...,
What is the incidence of maternal...,
What are the most common causes o...
83  cards
What is the most common form of m...,
Describe the characteristics of t...,
What is the pearl index
73  cards
Female Reproductive Physiology
What are the 3 layers of the ovaries,
What is the surface of the ovarie...,
What is the cortex of the ovaries...
40  cards
Male Reproductive Physiology
Function of testes,
What hormone is responsible for m...,
What hormones are involved in the...
23  cards
Physiology in Pregnancy
What are some mechanical changes ...,
Why is the centre of gravity no l...,
What causes increased pliability ...
47  cards
Reproductive embryology
49  cards
History and examination in obstetrics and gyaenacology
What is menorrhagia,
What may patients describe when h...,
How is pelvic pain assessed
14  cards
Genital Symptoms
What are examples of genital symp...,
What are the different categories...,
What are some examples of microbi...
43  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infections - Introduction
What is a commensal organism,
What is a pathogen,
What is an infection
20  cards
STI learning guide
What is an sti,
What is gonnorhea caused by,
What are the symptoms of gonorrhoea
41  cards
Contraception live session
In a 28 day menstrual cycle when ...,
What emergency contraception meth...,
What information do you need from...
11  cards
Pharmacology in Pregnancy and Breast Feeding
What are the different aspects of...,
What are some common reasons for ...,
What are some absorption changes ...
33  cards
Normal anatomy of the breast
How do the breasts develop,
Describe the breasts,
50  cards
Role of cytology and biopsy in the investigation
What is cytology,
What is the role of cytology,
What are the different types of m...
27  cards
Treatment of Breast Disease
How is the severity of breast can...,
What classification system is use...,
Explain t staging for breast cancer
27  cards
Postnatal Care
What is the postnatal period also...,
How often are medical staff seen ...,
What are some common problems in ...
28  cards
Abnormal Labour
What is induction of labour,
Describe the steps of induction o...,
What is cervical ripening
51  cards
Intrapartum care
What is labour induced by,
What percentages of labours are i...,
What are contraindications of ind...
16  cards
Obstetric Emergencies
What is shoulder dystocia,
What are risk factors for shoulde...,
What are possible complications o...
15  cards
Normal Labour
What is normal labour,
What weeks of gestation for birth...,
What initiates labour
25  cards
Infant Feeding
Is the prevalence of breast feedi...,
What things are found in human mi...,
What is colostrum
22  cards
Common Pathologies of Pregnancy
What is hormone a and b,
If the egg is fertalised does pro...,
What does progesterone do to the ...
61  cards
Maternal and Perinatal Mortality
What is maternal mortality,
What is maternal morbidity,
What is the uk incidence of mater...
23  cards
Reproductive CBL session
What do we mean by g2p1,
Onset of labour before how many w...,
Patient has a ruptured membrane b...
15  cards
Complications in Pregnancy 1
What are some examples of complic...,
What is a miscarriage,
What is an abortion
48  cards
Complications in Pregnancy 2
What are some different kinds of ...,
What is chronic hypertension,
What is gestational hypertension
36  cards
Infections in Pregnancy
What is the aetiology of chickenpox,
How is varicella zoster virus tra...,
How long is the period of infecti...
42  cards
Multiple Gestation
What is multiple gestation,
What is amnioncity,
What is chorionicity
14  cards
What is eclampsia,
What is pre eclampsia,
What is pre eclampsia characteris...
13  cards
Drugs in Pregnancy
What does a teratogen cause,
When is the most vunerable part o...,
What are some preventable teratogens
38  cards
How does fertility change with age,
What are the different steps of c...,
Descibe the hypothalmo pituitary ...
32  cards
Applied embryology
What are the pre requisites for c...,
For natural conception to occur w...,
How long can a sperm survive
105  cards
Applied anatomy live session
What is the uterus divided into,
Uterus is divided by the vaginal ...,
What are the reationships of the ...
22  cards
Complications in pregnancy
What is a miscarriafe,
What is an abortion,
What is a spontaneous miscarriage
82  cards
Pathology of Breast Disease
What are examples of benign breas...,
What are examples of fibrocystic ...,
What is fibroadenoma
53  cards
Secondary Amenorrhoea and Menopause
What is the menopause,
What is the average age for menop...,
What is premature menopause
32  cards
Menopause cases
Jane is 48 and has hot flushes an...,
Sheila has had a hysterectomy for...,
Lucy is 55 her periods stopped wh...
3  cards
Menstrual Disorders
What is the menstrual cycle,
For the menstrual cycle what is n...,
What is menarche
55  cards
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
What does pop stand for,
What is prolapse,
What is female pop
33  cards
Female Urinary Incontinence
What are the 2 parts of the urina...,
What is the upper urinary tract c...,
What is the lower urinary tract c...
34  cards
Female Genital Mutation
What does fgm stand for,
What is fgm,
What are justifications for fgm
13  cards
Endometrial Carcinomas
What are the different classes of...,
Which class of endometrial carcin...,
Which class of endometrial carcin...
14  cards
Cervical Screening
What does hpv stand for,
Does hpv mutate,
What are the different types of hpv
31  cards
Cervical Cancer
What is the aetiology of cervical...,
Describe the epidemiology of cerv...,
What are risk factors for cervica...
13  cards
Vulval Cancer
What is the aetiology of vulval c...,
Describe the epidemiology of vulv...,
What are risk factors for vulval ...
21  cards
Reproductive CBL session 2
You are a gp alison a 47 year old...,
What volume of bleeding in a peri...,
You are a gp alison a 47 year old...
17  cards
Ovarian Cancer
What are the different classes of...,
What are the types and subtypes o...,
What are the types and subtypes o...
20  cards
Zero to finals gynae
What is the hypothalamic pituitar...,
What is oestrogen,
Where does oestrogen act
192  cards
pharmacology in pregnancy and breastfeeding
What of pregnant women take medic...,
What is the implication of unplan...,
Why may a woman be on medication ...
76  cards
induction of labour
What is induction of labour,
Why might labour be induced,
Ci for induction
10  cards
C sections
What is a c section,
Types of c section,
Indications for classical c section
12  cards
antenatal growth charts
What is the role of antenatal gro...,
Failure to detect abnormal growth...,
Causes for small baby estimated f...
5  cards
CPC uterus
What is measured on trans vaginal...,
Name 4 pathological prognostic fe...,
How is histological type determined
18  cards
What are women offered as routine...,
40y o para 4 bmi 40presents w lea...,
Which of the following is a ci to...
25  cards
Repro - Maternal Changes
5  cards
Repro - Maternal Diseases
4  cards
Repro - Multiple Pregnancy
3 days,
4 7 days,
8 days
3  cards
Repro - Antenatal
Placental praevia sy,
Placental abruption sy
2  cards
Repro - Labour
Preterm labour,
Induction of labour mx,
Malpresentation mx
5  cards
Repro - Miscarriage
5  cards
Repro - Gynae
Pelvic inflammatory disease sy,
Pelvic inflammatory disease ax,
Endometriosis sy
11  cards
Repro - Drugs
7  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Breast Anatomy 1
Describe the steps in the develop...,
What are breasts,
From what ribs do the breasts ext...
47  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Breast Anatomy 2
What is the difference between hi...,
How are cells obtained for cytology,
What is the triple assessment
22  cards
Reproduction Lecture - Female Applied Anatomy
What are the 2 parts the uterus c...,
What are the 3 parts of the body ...,
What can the cervix be divided in...
40  cards
Female reproductive organs
44  cards
Male reproductive organs
56  cards
Male reproductive Q and A
15  cards
Female reproductive Q and A
What is correct regarding female ...,
11  cards
Reproductive Q and A
In a ct how does air and bone look,
24  cards
Reproductive system clinical anatomy
20  cards
Female repro system 3rd year medical student
What is the broad ligament
12  cards
Perienum Q and A 2020
What is the perineum,
What is the obstetricians perienum
30  cards
Reproductive female and male
What is the rectouterine pouch al...,
13  cards
Female pelvic and female reproductive system
11  cards
Pelvic wall and pelvic organs
32  cards
Reproductive system- Pelvis and Perineum
3  cards
What is this,
What is this,
What is this
49  cards
When does paget s disease of the ...,
What are the features of padget s...,
What can infection mastitis lead to
257  cards
Reproduction 1 - Male Reproductive System
What are the 4 categories the mal...,
What are some of the organs of th...,
What is a
67  cards
Reproduction 2 - Female Reproductive System
What are some of the female repro...,
Is the duct system of the female ...,
Where does implantation and devel...
87  cards
Reproduction 3 - Pelvis and Perineum 1
What are some of the organ system...,
What is a,
What is b
86  cards
Reproduction 4 - Pelvis and Perineum 2
What are the 2 triangles the peri...,
What is a,
What is b
83  cards
22  cards
Perineum Q and A Chorn
What is the urogenital diaphragm ...,
5  cards
Histology revision
29  cards
Histology of female reproductive system
What are the parts of the ovary
11  cards
Histology of male reproductive system
1  cards

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