research methods and statistics in psychology

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Chapter 1 Psychology, Science And Research
Hypothesis testing
27  cards
Chapter 2 Measuring People
Equal probability selection metho...,
Hypothetical construct,
Mixed methods
32  cards
Chapter 3 Experiments and Experimental Designs
Asymmetrical order effect,
Baseline measure,
Confounding variable
25  cards
Chapter 4 Validity in Psychological Research
Error variance,
Random error,
26  cards
Chapter 5 Quasi-Experiments and Non-Experiments
Correlational study,
Experimental realism,
Field experiment
13  cards
Chapter 13 Statistics - Organising the Data
Raw data scores,
Categorical variable,
Measured variable
38  cards
Chapter 14 Graphical Representation of Data
Bar chart,
Error bar,
Line chart
16  cards
Chapter 15 Frequencies and Distributions
Frequency distribution
21  cards
Chapter 16 Significance Testing - A Real Effect?
Significance test decision
25  cards
Chapter 17 Testing for Difference Between Two Samples
Parametric test 4,
Distribution dependent test 2,
T test 2
17  cards
Chapter 22 Multi-Level Analysis (625-635)
Analysis of variance anova 3,
Capitalising on chance 4,
Within groups sum of squares 4
32  cards
Chapter 23 Multi-Factorial ANOVA Designs
Between groups anova 2,
Factor 1,
Factorial anova 1
8  cards
Chapter 11 Ethical Issues in Psychological Research
Anonymity 1,
Briefing 1,
Confidentiality 1
9  cards
Chapter 19 Correlation
Biserial correlation coefficient,
Correlation coefficient
16  cards
Chapter 8 Psychological Tests and Measurement Scales
Semantic differential,
32  cards
Chapter 21 Factor Analysis
Factor analysis fa
16  cards
Chapter 20 Regression and Multiple Regression
B weight,
Beta value,
15  cards

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research methods and statistics in psychology

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