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1 - Anatomy of the Respiratory System 1
What does the upper respiratory t...,
What is the structure of the nasa...,
What are the paranasal sinuses
26  cards
2 - Anatomy of the Respiratory System 2
Where is the parietal and viscera...,
What is the function of the pleura,
What is the bronchial tree and th...
37  cards
3 - Lung Mechanics
What is ventilation and what is i...,
What is the definition of the fol...,
What is residual volume
26  cards
4 - Disorder of Ventilation
What is the relationship between ...,
How does lung elastic recoil affe...,
How do bronchioles stay open if t...
30  cards
5 - Partial Pressure and Diffusion
What is boyles law,
What is daltons law
20  cards
6 - Oxygen in the Blood
By what process does the,
Where on the hb curves are the t ...,
If a patient is anaemic what diff...
13  cards
7 - Carbon Dioxide in the Blood
How much co2 is in arterial blood,
How much carbon dioxide is dissol...,
Why is the reaction to produce hy...
22  cards
8 - Chemical Control of Breathing
What is hypoxaemia,
What are normal values for paco2 ...,
What is hypo and hyper capnia
20  cards
9 - Acid Base Balance
What is the normal ph of blood,
What is more dangerous alkalemia ...,
What ph range causes high mortali...
26  cards
10 - Spirometry
What is the normsal ventilation p...,
What is the commonest cause of hy...,
What happens when pulmonary arter...
29  cards
11 - Chest X-Ray
What is the radiation dosage of a...,
What is the normal projection of ...,
What anatomy should be included i...
18  cards
12 - Respiratory Failure
What are some examples of where t...,
At what oxygen saturation does ti...,
How can hypoxaemia occur
25  cards
13 - Bronchiectasis and Cystic Fibrosis
What is bronchiectasis,
What is the gold standard diagnos...,
What are some of the clinical sym...
19  cards
14 - Asthma
What is asthma,
What are the five defining charac...,
What is the pathophysiology of as...
23  cards
15 - COPD
What is the definition of copd,
What is the aetiology of copd,
What are the pathology
28  cards
16 - LRTIs and Pneumonia
What is pneumonia,
What is the common feature of all...,
What are some of the different or...
27  cards
17 - Tuberculosis
What is tb caused by,
How can we stain for tuberculosis,
How does tb transmit from person ...
24  cards
18 - Lung Cancer
How should you follow up a patien...,
What features of this cxr are ind...,
What are some underlying causes o...
18  cards
19 - Radiology 2
What do you need for a chest x ra...,
What indicates cardiomegaly on a ...,
What are the a and b of the abcde...
22  cards
20 - Pneumothorax and Pleural Effusion
Define the following terms simple...,
What group of people does a prima...,
What are some causes of a seconda...
16  cards
21 - Signs and Symptoms of Respiratory Disease
What are some signs and,
If a patient states that they are...,
What are some causes of chest pai...
24  cards
22 - Pulmonary Embolism
What is a pulmonary embolism,
What does this cxr indicate,
How may an emboli get to the brai...
18  cards
23 - Tobacco Dependence
How would you treat a pe if the p...,
When does wheezing occur and why,
What is consolidation and why are...
15  cards

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