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Anatomy and Histology
Where do the apices of the lung l...,
What are the three vertical axes ...,
Where are the edges of the pariet...
69  cards
Physiology Review
Where in the brain is co2 o2 and ...,
How is the metabolic demand of th...,
Peripheral chemoreceptors send in...
120  cards
From what part of the neonatal an...,
When is fetal development does al...,
True or false alveoli are fully f...
83  cards
System H&P
What is the major respiratory iss...,
What are the major pulmonary ssx,
What is the definition of dypsnea
90  cards
What is the main buffer in blood,
What is the role of hb in the mai...,
What is meant by the term positiv...
44  cards
What are the 5 components of the ...,
When is it appropriate to order p...,
True or false you should never or...
62  cards
Exercise Physiology
What is the equation for sv,
What is the equation for map,
What is the equation for vo2
62  cards
Chest Radiology
What are the four main radiograph...,
Dense object appear what color on...,
Object that are not dense appear ...
78  cards
Chest Radiography II
What is the silhouette sign,
Why is the term airspace disease ...,
A radiopacity which overlaps but ...
93  cards
OMM for respiratory
What are the parasympathetic effe...,
What is the effect of the sympath...,
What is the sympathetic supply to...
44  cards
Ancillary tests and procedures
What gives the color to sputum,
Rust colored sputum,
Currant jelly sputum
51  cards
What is the definition of asthma,
What are the three characteristic...,
What is the most common chronic c...
60  cards
What is copd,
What is the difference between co...,
What percent of the us population...
64  cards
Pathology of Obstructive Diseases
What is atelectasis,
What is the major issue with atel...,
What is the resorptive type of at...
96  cards
Interstitial Lung Diseases
What are interstitial lung diseas...,
What are the ssx of ild,
What are pfts like with ilds
85  cards
Path x2
What is bronchiectasis,
Is bronchiectasis reversible,
What are the two requisite condit...
127  cards
pHTN and pulmonary lung disease
Where do most emboli that cause p...,
What percent of patients with a p...,
What percent of isolated calf vei...
72  cards
Cave exploring pneumonia,
Bird associated pneumonia,
What are the three categories of ...
72  cards
Mycobacterial Infections
What are the bacteria that cause ...,
What is atypical tb,
What are the two bacteria that co...
60  cards
Viral Diseases of the Respiratory tract
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is the virus that causes pne...,
What is the cause of croup
68  cards
Fungal Infections of the Respiratory Tract
What is the most common endemic f...,
Where is histoplasma usually found,
What type of soil is histoplasmos...
83  cards
Non-Infectious Inflammatory Diseases
What is sarcoidosis,
Who is usually affected with sarc...,
What are the exposures that have ...
92  cards
Path of Infectious and Non-infectious
Pneumonia is responsible for what...,
True or false the lower airways a...,
True or false we all regularly as...
107  cards
Occupational Diseases
True or false tobacco smoking is ...,
What fraction of smokers who cont...,
What risk of developing lung canc...
40  cards
Pediatric Upper Respiratory Diseases
What are the ssx of sinusitis,
What are the three types of sinus...,
True or false the mucus color is ...
78  cards
Peds LRTIs
Where does the lrt begin,
What are the major lrtis,
What is the definition of pneumonia
68  cards
Peds Asthma
What is the purpose of a spacer w...,
What is the use of a neb,
What are the drugs that are used ...
61  cards
Pleural Diseases
What does the parietal pleura cover,
What pulls the the visceral pleur...,
What pulls the parietal pleura ou...
41  cards
What percent of lung cancers are ...,
Who is typically affected with lu...,
What ethnicity is most affected w...
85  cards
What percent of coin lesions are ...,
What percent of coin lesions are ...,
What are the two common cancerous...
100  cards
Acute and Chronic Respiratory Failure
What is respiratory failure,
What is acute respiratory failure...,
What is chronic respiratory failu...
84  cards
What is the vc level of patients ...,
True or false mechanical ventilat...,
Normal spontaneous breathing is b...
64  cards
Oxygen Therapy
What is ventilation,
What is diffusion,
What are the factors that determi...
68  cards
Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
What is the sleep requirements fo...,
What is the level of caffeine int...,
How many sleep disturbances per h...
53  cards

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