respiratory physiology, medicine and critical care

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Wheezing and Chronic Asthma in Adults
What is the definition of asthma,
What is the uk prevalence of asthma,
What is the pathophysiology of as...
65  cards
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and COPD
What is the definition of bronchitis,
How is chronic bronchitis defined,
What tends to cause chronic bronc...
85  cards
Restrictive lung disease - Sarcoidosis
What is sarcoidosis,
What is a granuloma,
What age range does sarcoidosis n...
34  cards
Occupational Lung disease
What is pneumoconiosis,
What are the main causes of pneum...,
What is silicosis
38  cards
Lower Respiratory tract infection
What are the main host defence me...,
What are the different classifcat...,
What is pneumonia
76  cards
What is tuberculosis,
What are risk factors for the dev...,
What are the general features of ...
46  cards
Lung cancer
What is bronchial carcinoma,
What categories are lung cancers ...,
What are the subtypes of non smal...
75  cards
Sleep apnoea
What is obstructive sleep apnoea,
What is the prevalence of obstruc...,
What is the pathophysiology of ob...
16  cards
Pleural disease
What is a pleural effusion,
What are the different types of p...,
What can cause a transudative ple...
56  cards
Pulmonary vascular disease (Pulmonary hypertension)
What is pumonary hypertension,
What is normal pulmonary blood pr...,
What is regarded as mild pht
23  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
What is cystic fibrosis,
How is the gene mutation inherite...,
What gene is the mutation present on
43  cards
0  cards
Clinical signs and examination
What would you differential be fo...,
What would your differential diag...,
What would your differential be f...
81  cards
Clinical pharmacology
Name some short acting ss2 agonists,
What is the mechanism of action o...
21  cards
Acute Asthma and its management
In an acute asthma attack what ar...,
What causes death in asthma attacks,
What would bradycardia in a life ...
42  cards
Acute Exacerbation of COPD
What is a copd exacerbation,
What infective organisms can caus...,
What viruses can cause acute exac...
30  cards
Upper Respiratory tract infection and disease
What is acute coryza,
What viruses can cause the common...,
What are the features of a common...
51  cards
Chest X-ray and CT
0  cards
Restrictive lung disease - Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
What is hypersensitivity pneumonitis,
What is the pathology that occurs...,
What type of hypersensitivity rea...
23  cards
Restrictive lung disease - Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
What is idiopathic pulmonary fibr...,
What is the pathogenesis of ipf,
What are the histological feature...
25  cards
Restrictive lung disease - ARDS and DAD
What is ards,
How is ards defined,
What are pulmonary causes of ards
11  cards
Lung Function and Spirometry
What is peak expiratory flow,
How is a pefr measurement interpr...,
What are the dynamic lung volumes
14  cards
Respiratory Failure
What is respiratory failure,
What is type i respiratory failure,
What are causes of type i respira...
13  cards
What is bronchiectasis,
What are causes of bronchiectasis,
What is the pathophysiology behin...
12  cards
Physics Relevant to Respiratory Physiology
What is boyles law,
Using boyles law explain how air ...,
Using boyles law explain why air ...
51  cards
Anatomy of the Respiratory System
The pulmonary arteries carry deox...,
What are the different types of c...,
What are type i pneumocytes
44  cards
Control of Ventilation
How is respiratory rhythm at rest...,
Where are peripheral chemorecepto...,
What are the different types of c...
32  cards
Mechanics of Breathing
What is the definition of compliance,
What factors effect lung compliance,
What is elastance
9  cards
Pulmonary Capacities and Volumes
What is respiratory minute volume,
What mechanical factors affect mi...,
What is the average tidal volume ...
36  cards
Pulmonary Circulation
0  cards
Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships
What is the definition of a shunt,
What happens to the concentration...,
How do the lungs react to pulmona...
20  cards
Diffusive Transfer of Respiratory Gases
0  cards
Gas Transport in the Blood
What is the alveolar po2,
What is the alveolar pco2,
How does hypoventilation affect t...
54  cards
Measurement and Properties of Haemoglobin
0  cards
Pulmonary Function tests and equations
0  cards
Respiratory Pharmacology and Therapeutic Gases
0  cards
Measurement and Monitoring of Respiratory Function
0  cards
Mechanical Ventilation Design and Function
0  cards
Physiology of Positive Pressure Ventilation
0  cards
Settings on the Ventilator
0  cards
Modes of Mechanical Ventilation
0  cards
Ventilator Waveform Analysis
0  cards

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