rgs edexcel igcse physics

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1 Electrostatics and Current
When two insulating materials are...,
What sort of material will not al...,
A polythene rod is charged by fri...
57  cards
2 Motion and Force
In which part of the graph a b or...,
What is the difference between th...,
What is the unit for displacement...
78  cards
3 Waves, Sound and EM Spectrum
An ambulance is producing sound o...,
What is the use of uv radiation,
How are all em radiation similar
81  cards
4 Energy Transfers and Resources
Describe the properties of heat r...,
Using the sankey diagram calculat...,
Give an example of a chemical sto...
80  cards
5 Pressure and Density
Define density,
How do you measure volume accurat...,
What is the unit for density
30  cards
6 Magnetism
What are the ends of a bar magnet...,
In which region around a bar magn...,
How can you create a uniform field
21  cards
1 Astrophysics
What happens to the orbital speed...,
What is a galaxy,
What type of orbit does a comet have
28  cards
2 Forces, movement and shape
Which spring is stiffer has a gre...,
Why is a double decker bus very s...,
Below is a velocity time graph fo...
46  cards
3 Energy and Voltage
What is the unit for current,
Define current,
Describe what it means when 1 a i...
37  cards
4 Light and Sound
Locate the compressions and raref...,
What is true about the position o...,
Name a luminous object
78  cards
5 Work and Power
Calculate the work done on the block,
Calculate the gpe gained by a bas...,
How would you calculate the work ...
22  cards
7 Electromagnetism
Describe the magnetic field aroun...,
How do you determine the directio...,
How would you contstruct a simple...
15  cards
equations deck
Average speed distance and time,
Force mass and acceleration,
Acceleration change in velocity a...
18  cards
1 Momentum, N3L and suvat
What effect does a crumple zone h...,
What is different about n3l pair ...,
What is the equation for impulse
36  cards
2 Gas Laws
How is p1 and t1 related to p2 an...,
Explain why a hot balloon expands,
What are the control variables fo...
44  cards
3 Electromagnetic Induction
Describe the magnetic field aroun...,
How do you determine the directio...,
How would you contstruct a simple...
33  cards

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