(rhcsa) red hat certified system administrator

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Decks in this class (14)

Used to check the current value o...,
Used to change system wide locale...,
Displays the current system wide ...
6  cards
Local and Remote Logins
A text based interface used to in...,
When the shell prompt display a t...,
Provides a keyboard for user inpu...
10  cards
File System Navigation
What directory consolidates var r...,
When can rmdir remove a directory,
What file system requirements do ...
3  cards
Users and Groups
What command shows basic informat...,
What ps option shows processes wi...,
What ps option shows the user ass...
22  cards
File Permissions
For chmod what is the difference ...,
Who is allowed to change the owne...,
What does the setuid suid s mean ...
11  cards
SELinux Permissions
What option do commands like ls p...,
What command shows the current se...,
What changes the behavior of the ...
11  cards
Process Management
What command is used to send a si...,
What command is used to send a si...,
What advanced command can be used...
15  cards
Updating Software Packages
What command line tool is used to...,
Where are system entitlements stored,
What tool is used to add delete e...
3  cards
Creating and Mounting File Systems
What command lists all open files...,
Where are usb and other removable...,
What two programs are used to cre...
8  cards
Service Management and Boot Troubleshooting
How can the status of a service b...,
How are systemd loaded units list...,
How can loaded units for systemd ...
25  cards
Network Configuration
What command is used to show mani...,
What commands can be used to trac...,
What command is used to report so...
9  cards
System Logging and NTP
What is the format of a rsyslog rule,
What journalctl option mimicks ta...,
How can journald logs be made per...
7  cards
Logical Volume Management
What steps are needed to create a...,
What command is used to create a ...,
What command is used to create a ...
5  cards
Scheduled Processes
What types of cron jobs are there,
How is a system cron job differen...,
Where are system cron jobs defined
3  cards

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(rhcsa) red hat certified system administrator

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