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Plant Classification
Definition of a conifer,
Definition of flowering plant,
Definition of a shrub
9  cards
Name 2 plant viruses,
Describe damage done by tobacco m...,
How is tobacco mosaic virus spread
7  cards
Plant disorders
What is meant by the term plant d...,
How are plants affected by frost,
State one method of avoiding fros...
16  cards
State what is meant by the term p...,
Describe the damage done by rabbi...,
Describe the damage done by cabba...
24  cards
Plant health Maintenance
What is meant by physical control...,
One example of a physical control...,
What is meant by cultural control
15  cards
What is meant by a weed,
Name 3 ways weeds cause problems,
What is meant by ephemeral weeds ...
15  cards
What is meant by plant disease,
Describe the damage caused by gre...,
Describe the damage caused by str...
20  cards
Properties Of Soil
How is soil formed,
Name the 3 ways rock weathers,
Name the 4 horizons in the soil
47  cards
Plant Nutrition
Name a range of nutrients require...,
Role of magnesium and signs of de...,
Role of nitrogen and signs of def...
35  cards
Growing Media
Explain considerations when growi...,
Loam based compost,
Loamless compost
13  cards
Role Of Seeds In Propogation
What is a seed,
State the benefits to a plant of ...,
Describe the structure of a seed ...
27  cards
Methods Of Propogation From Seed
Describe sowing of fine seed with...,
Describe the process of sowing me...,
Describe method of growing large ...
10  cards
Role Of Vegetative Reproduction In Plant Prop
What is meant by vegetative repro...,
Benefit to plant of asexual repro...,
Benefit to gardeners of vegetativ...
5  cards
Understand Methods Of Vegetative Propogation
Ideal characteristics of parent p...,
Softwood cutting and when,
Semi ripe cutting etc
13  cards
Characteristics And Naming Of Plants
Divot characteristics,
Monocot characteristics,
Why are botanical plant names imp...
20  cards
Evergreen herbaceous plant,
What is a sessile leaf
2  cards
Photsynthesis respiration Etc
Equation for photosynthesis,
Factors that effect rate of photo...,
Importance of photosynthesis
17  cards
0  cards
Structure And Function Of Flowers Fruit And Seeds
7  cards
Understanding garden features
Define hazard,
Define risk,
Potential restrictions to work sites
36  cards
Food Production - Site Selection
Factors to be considered when sel...,
What is ideal soil type and depth...,
Ideal ph for veg
10  cards
Food Production - Cultural Operations
Cultivation techniques,
What is meant by a bed system as ...,
What is meant by a raised bed and...
10  cards
Food Production - Veg
Brussels sprouts,
Brassica particulars
18  cards
Food Production -Top And soft Fruit
Top fruit and soft fruit distinguish,
27  cards
Trees - Autumn
0  cards
Understanding Garden Plants - Seasonal display
What is meant by seasonal displays,
Hardy annuals,
Half hardy annual
16  cards
Understanding Garden Plants - Herbacious Perennials
Ten herbaceous perennials,
5 shade herbaceous perennials,
5 ground cover herbaceous perennials
8  cards
Woody Plants - Display Establishment And Maintenance
Ten trees for a domestic garden,
Ten shrubs for domestic garden,
5 trees for winter interest
11  cards
Understanding Garden Plants -Alpine And Rock Garden
Rock garden summer,
Rock garden spring,
Characteristics of true alpine
9  cards
Lawn pests,
Lawn disease
2  cards

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