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Construction Technology
What are the typical components o...,
What are the main site considerat...,
What are the main types of excava...
112  cards
Design Economics
What is the difference between a ...,
What design detail would you expe...,
What design detail would you expe...
76  cards
Contract Practice
What is the difference between de...,
How do you define practical compl...,
What happens at practical completion
126  cards
Project Financial Control And Reporting
You mentioned you are responsible...,
How do you produce the cashflows ...,
What are defined v undefined prov...
59  cards
Quantification And Costing
Talk me through nrm and differenc...,
What is ipms,
Can you tell me what the differen...
52  cards
Procurement And Tendering
What would you take into consider...,
What would you take into consider...,
What would you take into consider...
80  cards
Case Study
What is the town and country plan...,
What are the london design guide ...,
How many kitchen and bathrooms bu...
91  cards
Risk Management
In you initial cost estimate how ...,
What is a risk,
What is risk management
43  cards
Data management
What is gdpr,
What are the aims and benefits of...,
What are the key changes regardin...
21  cards
Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
What standards are required for s...,
What are the rics rules of conduc...,
What are the rics rules of conduc...
206  cards
Client care
What is iso 9001,
How are firms supposed to look af...,
What is a complaints handling pro...
31  cards
Communication and negotiation
How would you prepare for a negot...,
What is a win win situation,
What is negotiation
17  cards
Health and safety
What is the cscs,
What is the cdm regulations 2015,
What were the changes in the 2015...
34  cards
Accounting principles and procedures
What is meant by the terms gross ...,
What is a balance sheet,
What is a profit and loss account
27  cards
Business planning
What is a business plan,
What are the business objectives ...,
Does the rics have a business plan
22  cards
Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures
How do you avoid conflict on a pr...,
Talk me through how you would go ...,
What is the adjudication process
23  cards
What is breeam,
What is part l and what does it e...,
What can be done onsite to improv...
69  cards
What makes a good team member,
What are the benefits of team wor...,
What are the characteristics of a...
21  cards
What is the tendering practice no...,
What is the bribery act 2010,
How did ucl achieve breeam outsta...
23  cards
Current Affairs
What has changed in the industry ...,
What is the main element of the h...,
Why did carillion go into liquida...
23  cards

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