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Chairmans’s Questions
What is the primary purpose of th...,
Are you aware of any guidance on ...,
What rics documents would you ref...
51  cards
Case Study
Explain the background to the dev...,
Why was option 1 ruled out,
What was the limit of the tall bu...
24  cards
How can ai or vr be used in planning,
Explain air quality and noise imp...
2  cards
Ethics, Rules Of Conduct And Professionalism
What is a bribe,
What should you avoid when negoti...,
What are your companies fees base...
84  cards
Client Care
How have you dealt with unrealist...,
How have you dealt with unrealist...,
Tell me about an example of how y...
23  cards
Communication & negotiation L1
What sort of presentation methods...,
How do you prepare for meetings o...,
What is the key behind successful...
13  cards
Communication & negotiation L2
Tell me about how you conduct you...,
Tell me about how you ensure good...,
Tell me about an example of when ...
11  cards
Health & Safety L1
Who is responsible for h s within...,
Who ultimately within your firm c...,
What health safety legislation ar...
32  cards
Health & Safety L2
Explain how you ensure your perso...,
Explain how you ensure the securi...,
Tell me about how you ensure good...
9  cards
Accounting principles & procedures
What are the three types of finan...,
What is an asset liability can yo...,
Explain the differences between s...
29  cards
Business planning
What do you understand by busines...,
Why is business planning so impor...,
What would you find in one
10  cards
Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures
What is a conflict,
When do disputes arise in your role,
What can you do if negotiations b...
40  cards
Data management
Can you share information obtaine...,
How can you secure data,
What data do you need to be aware of
16  cards
Diversity, inclusion and teamworking
What makes an effective team,
Are you aware of any teamwork the...,
How can you ensure teams work eff...
14  cards
Inclusive environments
0  cards
What is sustainability,
What is sustainable development,
What does the nppf say about sust...
22  cards
Development Appraisals
What is a development,
What is cil,
Cil vs s106
56  cards
Development Appraisals L3
Project gasworks explain your adv...,
Why did you consider testing thre...,
Why did you use two scenarios for...
10  cards
Housing Strategy & Provision L1
How often is a local plan published,
What process does it go through,
How can housing need manifest
17  cards
Housing Strategy & Provision L3
Pollards wood what was your appro...,
Why was important to identify wha...,
What were the risks associated wi...
8  cards
Development / Project Briefs L1
Explain the difference between a ...,
Explain how the stakeholders can ...,
Explain your understanding on the...
26  cards
Development / Project L2
Pollards wood what was the purpos...,
Pollards wood what information di...,
Did you encounter any challenges ...
12  cards
Development / Project Briefs L3
Southwick what was the objective ...,
Southwick how did you identify th...,
Southwick what did you include in...
9  cards
Planning and Development Management L1
Talk me through your understandin...,
Talk me through your understandin...,
What information is required in s...
60  cards
Planning and Development Management L2
Nafferton what did the local boro...,
Nafferton explain how you produce...,
How is cil calculated
13  cards
Planning and Development Management L3
Project gasworks explain your adv...,
How did you undertake the financi...,
Carpetright why was important to ...
16  cards
Spatial planning policy and infrastructure L1
0  cards
Spatial planning policy and infrastructure L2
0  cards
Legal / Regulatory Compliance L1
What does town and country planni...,
Explain your understanding on the...,
Explain your understanding on the...
27  cards
Legal / Regulatory Compliance L2
Cte what did you focus on when re...,
Cte what was the purpose of the d...,
Cte what was the source of the co...
11  cards
Valuation L1
What is the purpose of rics valua...,
How is rics valuation global stan...,
How is this different from the pr...
32  cards
Valuation L2
Prospect avenue northamptonshire ...,
Prospect avenue what was the purp...,
Canter street what is argus devel...
18  cards
Measurement L1
What basis of measurement are you...,
What is ipms,
What is ipms 3 and when is it used
33  cards
Measurement L3
Farm hill road explain how you me...,
How did you ensure your equipment...,
St peter s church how did you mea...
5  cards
Surveying and mapping L1
How would you deal with a discrep...,
What is lidar,
What is ifsar
56  cards
5  cards
Financial Appraisals - Must know questions
What is a dcf,
What is capitalisation rate cap rate,
What is a discount rate
24  cards
Valuation of development property
What are acquisition disposal costs,
What is a cash flow,
Waht i
38  cards
RICS Mock Touch Ups
What is an opportunity area,
What are the benefits of an oppor...,
What is a development plan
26  cards

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