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Chapter 1. Anatomy
1 nutrition to the lumbar interve...,
2 a65 year old man presents with ...,
3 the most common presenting symp...
45  cards
Chapter 2. Pain Physiology
46 which of the following nerves ...,
47 arrange a a b c and a nerves a...,
48 the impulse traveling through ...
45  cards
Chapter 3. Pain Pathophysiology
91 common causes of acute abdomin...,
92 a 35 year old woman has right ...,
93 you suspect a patient is havin...
50  cards
Chapter 4. Pharmacology
141 which of the following is tru...,
142 which of the following is tru...,
143 the use of which of the follo...
111  cards
Chapter 5. Diagnosis of Pain States
252 a59 year old female comes to ...,
253 a77 year old female comes to ...,
254 a 53 year old male comes to y...
65  cards
Chapter 6. Types and Pain
332 a45 year old patient with met...,
333 approximately in what percent...,
334 there is a significant incide...
270  cards
Chapter 7. Pain Assessment
606 regarding minnesota multiphas...,
607 visual analogue scale vas a c...,
608 which of the following tests ...
20  cards
Chapter 8. Pain Management Techniques
626 which of the following is the...,
627 you think a patient has devel...,
628 advantages of intrathecal dru...
111  cards
Chapter 9. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
743 acupuncture needles used in c...,
744 which of the following statem...,
745 which of the following statem...
20  cards
Chapter 10. Interdisciplinary Pain Management
763 the second most common cause ...,
764 pain assessment in the elderl...,
765 which of the following includ...
70  cards
Chapter 11. Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of Pain
833 primary affective symptoms th...,
834 which of the following includ...,
835 tricyclic antidepressants a h...
40  cards
Chapter 12. Drug Abuse and Addiction
873 in performing urine drug test...,
874 a 65 year old man with cancer...,
875 which of the following is tru...
28  cards
Chapter 13. Cost, Ethics, and Medicolegal Aspects in Pain Medicine
901 what are the penalties under ...,
902 what are the steps to complia...,
903 identify all accurate stateme...
11  cards
Chapter 14. Compensation and Disability Assessment
912 a concert pianist and a vice ...,
913 identify the true statement w...,
914 which of the following is tru...
37  cards
Chapter 15. Rehabilitation
949 the henneman size principle o...,
950 what is an example of an open...,
951 which type of therapy has bee...
31  cards
Spinal Cord Anatomy
The ascending gracile and cuneate...,
In the lateral column funiculus t...,
The dorsal and ventral spinocereb...
34  cards
General 1
1 a 55 year old man has severe pa...,
2 which of the following receptor...,
3 an 8 year old girl is scheduled...
253  cards
Essential Pain Questions
1 the fifth vital sign is a hear ...,
2 the concept of four humors was ...,
3 all of the following treatments...
151  cards
Pain Test
1 which if the following drugs ar...,
2 which of these statements are t...,
3 methadone 1 the d isomer is an ...
100  cards
Palliative Care
1 a patient is taking 2 oxycodone...,
2 mrs jensen is a 72 year old wom...,
3 a 67 y o man with prostate canc...
40  cards
Lecture Questions
What is the most common cause of ...,
A 41 year old female with a histo...,
An emg show spontaneous activity ...
3  cards
Pain Review Questions
1 structures of the rhinencephalo...,
2 which of the following structur...,
3 which of the following statemen...
767  cards
ASIPP Anatomy Questions
1 sacral splanchnics are primaril...,
2 the most common form of inguina...,
3 the obturator nerve innervates ...
205  cards
ASIPP Neuroanatomy & Function Questions
206 cognitive and contextual aspe...,
207 the reversible cholinesterase...,
208 regeneration of axons a occur...
240  cards
ASIPP Pain States Questions
446 characteristics of diffuse id...,
447 which of the following is the...,
448 which of the following has be...
293  cards
ASIPP Diagnosis and Therapy Questions
739 proposed mechanisms of action...,
740 for brachial plexus avulsion ...,
741 the anterior spinothalamic tr...
603  cards
ASIPP Pharmacology Questions
1350 which of the following state...,
1351 which of the following is an...,
1352 a patient with zollinger ell...
242  cards
ASIPP Pregnancy and Nursing Questions
1600weakness of the abductor poll...,
1601 what is the most critical pe...,
1602 an infant born at 35 weeks g...
55  cards
ASIPP Pediatric Questions
1664 a 2 year old child cannot ra...,
1665the most common cause of chro...,
1666the most common form of abdom...
66  cards
ASIPP Geriatrics Questions
1738a 67 year old musician presen...,
1739the initial starting dose for...,
1740 the leading cause of death i...
79  cards
ASIPP Critical Care Questions
1825 a patient with a score of 4 ...,
1826 all of the following are tru...,
1827 what is the mode of action o...
41  cards
ASIPP Ethics Questions
1866 the new jcaho standards requ...,
1867 a young adult is in rehabili...,
1868 informed consent a is a tool...
40  cards
ASIPP Record Keeping, Quality Assurance, and Practice Management Questions
1910 what is the arrangement of c...,
1911 a 44 year old patient suffer...,
1912 physicians may bill for anci...
545  cards
ASIPP Controlled Substance Management Questions
2474 a 25 year old male receiving...,
2475once an opioid treatment is s...,
413  cards
Hall Pain Questions
788 tachyphylaxis to local anesth...,
789 which of the following techni...,
790 the maximum dose of lidocaine...
113  cards

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