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6.3 Diet, energy use, nutrition and hydration
What is a balanced diet,
Explain hydration,
Where are simple carbohydrates found
11  cards
6.2 Somatotypes and obesity
What is a somatotype,
Explain the characteristics of a ...,
Explain the characteristics of a ...
7  cards
1a. Structure and functions of the musculo-skeletal system
What are the functions of the ske...,
What is the definition of support,
What does protection mean
16  cards
Components of Fitness 2
Justify why agility is required b...,
What are the two types of balance...,
Justify why balance in gymnastics...
10  cards
Health & Fitness
What is the definition of health,
What is the definition of fitness,
A person who trains regularly and...
3  cards
Components of Fitness 1
Define agility,
Define balance,
Define cardio vascular endurance
10  cards
Define skill,
Define abilities,
Give an example of a sporting skill
26  cards
Goal Setting
Why do athletes use goal setting,
What is a performance goal,
What is an outcome goal
15  cards
Information Processing
What is information processing,
What is a basic model of information,
Draw the information processing m...
15  cards
What are the 4 types of is guidance,
Why do beginners and elite perfor...,
What is visual guidance
15  cards
What is feedback,
What are the different types of f...,
Define positive feedback and why ...
14  cards
Define arousal,
What level of arousal do you have...,
What are the physical signs of ar...
13  cards
Aggression, Personaility & Motivation
What are the two types of aggression,
Define direct aggression,
Define indirect aggression
16  cards
Joints and Movements
Define a hinge joint,
Define flexion,
Define extension
13  cards
Use of data
What is quantitative data,
What is qualitative data,
Examples of quantitative data
16  cards
Structure and Functions of the Skeleton
What are the functions of the ske...,
Define support,
Define protection
16  cards
Levers, Planes and Axes
Define fulcrum,
The ankle is which classification...,
What does a third class lever loo...
16  cards
Movement Analysis
What are the two movments occurin...,
What action does the deltoid caus...,
If the shoulder is flexing what i...
12  cards
Fitness Tests
State 3 reasons for carrying out ...,
What test would you carry out for...,
How do you carry out the illinois...
12  cards
The Principles of Training
What does sport stand for,
Define specificity,
Define progressive overload
10  cards
Types of Training
Define circuit training,
State 2 advantages of circuit tra...,
What component of fitness does co...
13  cards
Warm-up and Cool Down
What are the 4 stages of a warm up,
Describe what a performer would d...,
What is involved in the mental pr...
7  cards
Levers, Planes and Axes COPY
Define fulcrum,
The ankle is which classification...,
What does a third class lever loo...
16  cards
1B. The structure and function of the respiratory system
Name the structures that air move...,
What is the function of the cilia,
What is the function of the alveoli
13  cards
1C Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise
Distinguish between aerobic and a...,
What is lactic acid,
What does epoc stand for and what...
14  cards

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