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Assault act,
Assault with a weapon act,
Wilful damage act
27  cards
Assault with a weapon,
Being found on property without r...
46  cards
Search and Surveillance
Section 125,
Section 85,
Section 88
46  cards
Oranga Tamariki
Definition of cyp in need of care...,
Section 42,
Section 48
27  cards
Traffic Offences
Section 114 1 3,
What are the powers of section 11...,
The driver must remain stopped fo...
32  cards
Crimes act 1961 315 2 a,
Crimes act 1961 315 2 b,
Summary offences act 1981 section...
4  cards
What are the elements of the offe...,
Claim of right
29  cards
Public Places, Behaviour and Disorder offences
Define public place,
Fighting in a public place elements,
11  cards
Property (tresspass//WD)
Trespass after warning to leave e...,
Lawful occupier,
Trespass legal defence section 3i...
15  cards
Dishonestly Taking
Unlawful takes vehicle conversion...,
But not so as to be guilty of the...,
Unlawful uses vehicle conversion ...
10  cards
Sale and Supply of Alcohol
Licensed premises,
36  cards
Policing act 2008 section 32 1,
Policing act 2008 section 32 2,
Policing act 2008 section 32 3
9  cards
Section 56 1,
Section 56 1a,
Section 56 2
26  cards
Parties and Attempts
Crimes act 1961 section 310 consp...,
Conspiracy def,
Three requirements for attempt
12  cards
Who can issue a pso,
Bound person pso,
Domestic violence act 1995 sectio...
36  cards
Sudden Death
The coroner opens and conducts an...,
Inquests that must be held
8  cards
Rights of...
Victims rights act 2002 section 7,
Victims rights act 2002 section 8,
Victims rights act 2002 section 11
10  cards
Case law in regards to possession
22  cards
Sexual Offences
Defence for indecent exposure,
Indecent act definition,
Indecent act in public place legi...
20  cards
Missing Persons
Missing person def,
Whereabouts unknown,
Missing persons four categories
10  cards
Noise Control
0  cards
Mental Health
What is the definition of mental ...,
What is the purpose of the act,
20  cards
Definition of assault,
Transferred malice,
Common assaultsection 9 summary o...
15  cards
Drugs: Powers//Offences
5 categories of offences,
First schedule class a,
Second schedule class b
12  cards

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