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Situation Ethics
Define pragmatism,
Define relativism,
Define positivism
23  cards
Natural Moral Law
Eudaimonia aristotle,
Eudaimonia aquinas,
Eternal law
12  cards
Kantian ethics
What are kant s dates,
What 2 books did kant write,
What are the features of kantian ...
34  cards
Nature has,
What are pleasure and pain measur...,
How does an act utilitarian make ...
25  cards
Business ethics
Corporate social responsibility,
66  cards
Sexual ethics
How were women who had premarital...,
What in the old testament suggest...,
What did god command adam and eve...
84  cards
What is voluntary euthanasia,
What is involuntary euthanasia,
What is active euthanasia
34  cards
What is an empiricist,
What is an empiricist
23  cards
What did aristotle believe,
How does leibniz support aristotle,
What did aristotle believe made t...
13  cards
Body mind and soul
What is dualism,
What did plato believe on the soul,
How does plato use the charioteer...
64  cards
Teleological argument
What is the teleological argument,
Is it a priori or a posteriori,
What is aquinas 5th way
31  cards
Cosmological argument
What is the cosmological argument,
Is it a posteriori or a priori,
Is it deductive or inductive
22  cards
Ontological argument
What does ontology mean,
What kind of argument is it,
Why did anselm come up with the o...
22  cards
Religious experience
What is a religious experience,
How are religious experiences dif...,
How does swinburne group religiou...
54  cards
Attributes of God
What is omnipotence,
What is almighty,
What biblical evidence is there f...
74  cards
Problem of evil
What is moral evil,
What is moral evil,
Who proposed the inconsistent triad
32  cards
Religious language
What is univocal language,
Why did aquinas reject univocal l...,
What is equivocal language
33  cards
20th century perspectives
What is the vienna circle,
What is the verification principle,
Who created the verification prin...
44  cards
Meta ethical theories
What is meta ethics,
What is ethical naturalism,
How does aquinas en define good
34  cards
What does augustine define consci...,
What is augustine s quote about c...,
Strengths of augustine s approach...
29  cards
Prophecy and revelation
What motivates a muslim,
What are the six articles of faith,
What are the characteristics of a...
56  cards
God is One
What is tawhid,
What is tawhid,
Why is the shahadah so important
41  cards
What is the hadith when is it used,
What is the hadith when is it used,
What is the problem with the hadith
46  cards
Sharia Law
What does shari a mean,
What is the ulamah,
Why was islam concerned with rule...
71  cards
Human destiny
Why do humans exist,
What are the purposes of adam,
What quote supports adams purpose...
80  cards
What is sufism,
How does junayd define sufism,
How does ruwaym b ahmad define su...
55  cards
Islam and science
What does sura 2 164 say,
What does sura 20 114 say,
What does sura 7 190 say
52  cards
Gender equality
What does spiritual equality mean,
What does qur an 4 1 say that sup...,
What does qur an 16 97 say that s...
84  cards
What does quran 3 19 say in the,
What does quran 2 256 say that en...,
What does muhammad say in the had...
83  cards
Justice and liberation
What does justice mean,
What does liberation mean,
What does qur an 4 135 say on jus...
84  cards
Islam and the state
How did religion and politics int...,
How did muhammad influence medina...,
What hadith supports the idea tha...
67  cards
Islam in Europe
What does hijrah translate to,
What journey does the hijrah refe...,
71  cards

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