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rsfc physics 2021-2023

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Mechanics 1 - Scalars, Vectors and Moments
State two conditions for a rod su...,
State three vector quantities 3,
State three scalar quantities 3
23  cards
Mechanics 2 - Linear and Projectile Motion
What is displacement and how is i...,
How is velocity defined,
How is acceleration defined
30  cards
Mechanics 3 - Newton's Laws, Terminal Velocity, Momentum
What is newton s 1st law of motion,
What is newton s 2nd law of motion,
What is newton s 3rd law of motion
25  cards
Mechanics 4 - Work, Energy and Power
What is the principle of conserva...,
How does an object gain energy fr...,
How does an object lose energy
12  cards
How is density defined,
How do you convert 2 3 4 etc unit...,
How do you measure the density of...
17  cards
Waves 1 - Progressive waves and Refraction
What is a progressive wave,
How are mechanical and electromag...,
What is a transverse wave
40  cards
Waves 2 - Stationary Waves, Interference and Diffraction
How do these two progressive wave...,
What happens when these two pulse...,
What happens when these two pulse...
25  cards
Define current i,
How do you work out the number of...,
What is the difference between co...
45  cards
What is the photoelectric effect,
35  cards
Which part of the atom has the la...,
Why do the proton neutron and ele...,
How do you calculate the specific...
51  cards
Circular Motion
What is the term given to an obje...,
If an object is travelling in a c...,
Define centripetal force
22  cards
Circular Motion and SHM
What is the term given to an obje...,
If an object is travelling in a c...,
Define centripetal force
56  cards
What is 1 mole,
What is the molar mass of a subst...,
How do you calculate the molar ma...
40  cards
Gravitational Fields
How are these two gravitational f...,
How are radial and uniform fields...,
In gravitational fields when can ...
38  cards
Electric Fields
How do charges interact in these ...,
Which direction will these charge...,
How are radial and uniform electr...
34  cards
Define capacitance,
What do the gradient and area und...,
What is wrong with this
10  cards
Magnetic Fields
What 4 things do magnetic fields ...,
What do the field lines for a bar...,
What do the field lines look like...
28  cards
Electromagnetic Induction
How is magnetic flux calculated,
How do you calculate the effectiv...,
How does the number of turns in a...
25  cards
Eddy Currents, AC Current and Transformers
What are eddy currents,
Why does the magnet take longest ...,
How are eddy currents created in ...
21  cards
Nuclear Physics
What happened in the rutherford s...,
1 most alpha particles passed thr...,
Compare the ionising power of the...
39  cards
Nuclear Energy (Fission and Fusion)
When should you treat the neutron...,
Define mass defect,
Define binding energy
25  cards
Astrophysics (Optional)
What is the focal length of a lens,
What does a stronger lens change,
Why is a real image formed here
89  cards
Practical Skills
What is resolution of a measuring...,
In experiments what is precision,
How is precision different to acc...
56  cards

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