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Actus Reus (Paper 1)
What is meant by actus reus,
The actus reus must be voluntary ...,
What is an omission
20  cards
Mens Rea (Paper 1)
What is meant by mens rea,
The two types of mens rea,
The two types of intention
17  cards
Murder (Paper 1)
Definition of murder,
Actus reus of murder,
Causation for murder
4  cards
Loss of Control (Paper 1)
Loss of control means d was,
Act of parliament which sets out ...,
Stage 1 of loss of control
12  cards
Diminished Responsibility (Paper 1)
D will get the defence of diminis...,
Sets out the 3 stage test for dim...,
Stage 1 of diminished responsibility
11  cards
Unlawful Act Manslaughter (Paper 1)
Definition of unlawful act mansla...,
Stage 1 is d must commit a lesser...,
Case which states the unlawful ac...
11  cards
Gross Negligence Manslaughter (Paper 1)
This case established a 4 stage t...,
Stage 1 of gnm
10  cards
Assault (Paper 1)
Assault causes the victim to feel,
Defined assault in collins v wilcock,
Definition of assault
12  cards
Battery (Paper 1)
Key words for battery,
Lord goff definition of battery i...,
How much touching is needed for b...
7  cards
Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) (Paper 1)
Abh means there is an,
Definition of abh comes from,
Definition of abh
9  cards
Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) (Paper 1)
Gbh is defined by sections 20 and...,
Wording of section 20,
Wording of section 18
12  cards
Theft (Paper 1)
Act of parliament which defines t...,
Definition of theft,
Actus reus of theft
23  cards
Robbery (Paper 1)
Robbery consists of theft and,
Robbery is defined by,
Definition of robbery
10  cards
What is an attempted crime,
Definition from section 1 crimina...,
Decision in jones
9  cards
Concept Essays
Two key concepts,
Oed definition of justice,
Two types of justice
18  cards
Principles of Criminal Law
Principles used to determine what...,
Principles used to formulate crea...,
Meaning of harm
14  cards
Two types of intoxication,
Meaning of voluntary intoxication,
Case which drew a distinction bet...
11  cards
Self Defence
Self defence is defined under thi...,
Meaning of self defence,
Stage 1 of self defence
12  cards
Insanity can be used for any crime,
Section 1 criminal procedure insa...,
Case which created the 3 stage te...
11  cards
Definition of automatism,
Automatism was defined by which j...,
Automatism must be caused by thes...
10  cards
Meaning of duress,
Two types of duress,
Duress by threats
14  cards
Statutory Interpretation
Four rules of statutory interpret...,
The literal rule,
Lord esher s quote
26  cards
Judicial Precedent
Judicial precedent meaning,
Stare decisis,
How stare decisis works
12  cards
Criminal Courts & Lay People
The two criminal trial courts,
Three types of criminal offence,
Summary offences
16  cards
Legal Personnel (Paper 1)
Two main types of legal personnel,
Role of solicitors,
Regulation of solicitors
7  cards
The Judiciary (Papers 1, 2, & 3)
The judiciary,
Superior judges,
Inferior judges
9  cards
Legal Aid (Paper 1, 2, & 3)
Legal aid,
Act which governs legal aid,
Legal help in criminal cases
10  cards
Parliamentary Law Making (Paper 2)
Three institutions of parliament,
House of commons,
House of lords
21  cards
Civil Courts & ADR (Paper 2)
To start a court case a claimant ...,
Courts of 1st instance in civil c...,
Appeal courts in civil cases
19  cards
Law Reform (Paper 2)
Meaning of law reform,
The main law reform body,
Act which created the law commission
11  cards
Negligence (Paper 2)
The three elements of negligence,
Stage 1 of negligence,
Donoghue v stevenson
28  cards
Psychiatric Injury (Paper 2)
Psychiatric injury,
Stage 1 of psychiatric injury,
Sion v hampstead ha
4  cards

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