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What is the study of all aspects ...,
What is the discrimination of peo...,
What are the two types of biologi...
43  cards
Blood is oxygenated through which...,
What controls the rate and depth ...,
Which system provides the the tra...
152  cards
Urine Elimination
What is the functional unit of th...,
What are the 6 parts of the nephron,
Where is the initial site of filt...
65  cards
What is the normal ph range,
What is the normal protein range,
What is the normal glucose range
17  cards
Bowel Elimination
Where does digestion begin where ...,
What are the three tasks that the...,
What are the 4 secretions of the ...
40  cards
What is the term that refers to t...,
What is the force that occurs in ...,
What is the force exerted against...
29  cards
Range of Motion
Neck cervical spine identify type...,
Shoulder identify type of joint a...,
Elbow identify type of joint and ...
12  cards
Inflammation & Immunity
What are the major defenses that ...,
What is the term for having prope...,
What are the 3 ways that inflamma...
59  cards
Laboratory (test 2)
26  cards
Laboratory (test 3)
Sodium na,
Potassium k
15  cards
Fluid/Electrolyte/Acid-Base Balance
What are the 4 characteristics of...,
What percent of the body weight o...,
What percent of the body weight o...
125  cards
Perioperative Care
How are the types of surgical pro...,
What are the two subcategories of...,
What are the 3 subcategories of s...
4  cards
Preoperative Care
What does a patient s medical his...,
How does obesity increase surgica...,
Why are obese patients susceptibl...
10  cards
Intraoperative Care
What are the 2 intraoperative nur...,
What is the name of the holding a...,
What are the top priorities for a...
6  cards
Postoperative Care
What information does a pacu nurs...,
How often are assessments on a pa...,
What are nursing interventions in...
17  cards

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