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370: Immune pathophysiology
1st line of defense,
2nd line of defense,
3rd line of defense
58  cards
📝NCLEX - Meds
46  cards
🌡NCLEX Lab Values
Creatinine cr,
Glucose fasting
53  cards
⚖️410: Policy
Define policy,
Macro level policies,
Meso level policies
46  cards
What are the 4 main groups of mic...,
What are the basic steps for infe...,
What are the main portal of entry...
98  cards
🧠 Neuro
What are major complications of n...,
What are signs of nasal skull fra...,
What are signs of basal skull fra...
16  cards
⚖️430: Research Methods QUALITATIVE
What does nursing research genera...,
What does evidence based practice...,
What are the limitations of ebp
78  cards
⚖️430: Research Methods QUANTITATIVE FINAL
What are the major classes of qua...,
What are the 3 criteria of causality,
What are the 3 aspects of experim...
113  cards
370.3: Arthritis (OA + RA)
What are risk factors for oa,
Idiopathic oa primary oa
37  cards
370.3: Hepatic Disorders
What are the 2 sources of blood t...,
What are the functions of the liver,
What is the pathophysiology pathw...
52  cards
💊370: GI Disorders + Pharm
Gastro esophageal reflux ger,
Gastric esophageal reflux disease...,
What are risk factors for gerd
43  cards
370: Trauma
What is included in a primary ass...,
What is included in a secondary a...,
What is included in a trauma pane...
39  cards
372: Mental Health
Principles of milieu therapy,
Mental health exam,
Tardive dyskinesia
79  cards
💊370.3: Pain
What are examples of endogenous o...,
What are the 3 types of opioid re...,
What are important effects of act...
79  cards
💊370: Renal
What is uremia,
What is acute kidney injury aki,
What are life threatening complic...
49  cards
💊370: Anti Cancer Drugs
0  cards
💊370: Anticoagulants
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What are dosing considerations fo...,
What are the two types of heparin
37  cards
💊370: Analgesics + Antipyretics
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the impact of cox 1 on th...,
What are the effects of cox2 on t...
17  cards
💊370: Diabetes Pharmacology
What are the metabolic defects of...,
What is insulin,
Where is insulin synthesized
89  cards
370: Respiratory Patho/Pharm
The maximum amount of additional ...,
The volume of air present in the ...,
The lung volume representing norm...
32  cards
👼373: Pediatrics
What are normal vitals for newbor...,
What are normal vitals for 3 mont...,
What are the normal vitals for 1 ...
120  cards
💊370: Antibiotics
What are the shape classification...,
73  cards
💊370: Cardiac Drugs
What are hmg coa reductase inhibi...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the onset and max efficac...
96  cards
💊370: Respiratory Drugs
What are drugs given by inhalation,
What are the 4 main types of inha...,
What are advantages of drug admin...
25  cards
Vital Signs
Body temperature is controlled by...,
What factors affect pulse rate,
What are the phases of fever
43  cards
Urinary Elimination
The function of the kidneys is to,
The function of the ureters is to,
The function of the bladder is to
32  cards
63  cards
370: Cardiac Pathophysiology
What is the frank starling mechanism,
What results in increased preload,
How do you calculate mean arteria...
167  cards
370: Cognitive Patho
Which neurotransmitter is most pr...,
Negative symptoms of schizophrenia,
Positive symptoms of schizophrenia
41  cards
Skin: Lesion Shapes
9  cards
Cardiac Assessment
What sound can be heard during ea...,
What is the sound associated betw...,
During cardiac stress tachycardia...
48  cards
Head & Neck Assessment
Excessive accumulation of cerebro...,
Localized bone disease of unknown...,
Excessive secretion of growth hor...
4  cards
NUR 360: Maternity
Word that means pregnancy,
A woman who has had 2 or more pre...,
A woman who has completed 2 or mo...
168  cards
371: Medical/Surgical
What are the 4 categories of the ...,
What are the 3 proteins in blood ...
17  cards
NUR351: Ethics & Values; Legal Issues
What is the definition of moral b...,
What is the definition of ethics,
What is nursing ethics
113  cards
Infection Control
What are the links in chain of in...,
What are possible infectious agents,
What is a reservoir
82  cards
Muskuloskeletal Assessment
Bending limb at joint,
Straightening limb at joint,
Moving limb away from midline of ...
51  cards
Respiratory Assessment
What is this called,
What is this called and when woul...,
What is this called and what are ...
3  cards
370: Pathophysiology
1st line of defense,
2ns line of defense,
3rd line of defense
224  cards
Skin: Primary Lesions
12  cards
NUR 360: Geriatrics
Dry eye,
Age related macular degeneration,
Cortical visual impairment
120  cards
Skin: Secondary Lesions
10  cards
Skin: Vascular lesions
Port wine stain,
Strawberry mark,
9  cards
Wound Care
Reduction of blood flow to tissue,
If tissue ischemia is relieved va...,
Why wouldn t erythematous area bl...
40  cards
GI Assessment
The nurse is preparing to assist ...,
A client has an ng tube in place ...,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...
6  cards
Med Admin
What are controlled substances,
What are the four types of system...,
What is pharmacokinetics
49  cards
Nursing Health Assessment
What is the difference between a ...,
An assessment is,
What is the joint commissions sta...
11  cards
Patient Teaching
What are the 5 rights of teaching,
What is cognitive learning,
What is psychomotor learning
8  cards
Med admin checkoff drugs
Acetaminophen oral uses indications,
Acetaminophen oral adverse reactions,
Acetaminophen contraindications
20  cards
Assessment Final UPDATE
Which cranial nerves control the ...,
Documenting heart sounds x4,
Striae which occur when elastic f...
103  cards
Medical prefixes/suffixes/roots
Aden o,
93  cards
NUR 350: Nursing Med Abbreviations
Ad lib,
33  cards

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