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Hyper/hypo Thyroid
What is the active form to thyroi...,
Which has a stronger effect t3 or t4,
What is the the normal role of th...
40  cards
Hyper/Hypo Adrenocortistism
Excessive production of glucocort...,
What are the three forms of hac,
What is the most common type of hac
72  cards
Hyper And Hypo Calcemia
What fractions are included in a ...,
What is the normal range of calcium,
What is the source of vitd in ani...
21  cards
What is the ddx for hypoglycemia,
T f dm is most commonly diagnosed...,
What is type 1 dm
44  cards
Neurologic Exam
Conditions affecting peripheral n...,
Monoparesis plegia with nerve roo...,
What are nerve root signs
36  cards
Neuro - Pelvic Limb Conditons
What disease occurs due to degene...,
Degenerative myelopathy mainly af...,
Is degenerative myelopathy an acu...
44  cards
Neuro - Tetraparesis/tetraplegia
What list of differentials can re...,
Cervical disc disease occurs in w...,
8yr old dashunds acute onset of s...
91  cards
Cardiology Review and Physical Exam
Is the resistance in the pulmonar...,
What enters the right atrium at t...,
The right atrioventricular valve ...
63  cards
The sa node is made up of _______...,
The impulse from the sa node is c...,
Where does the electrical impulse...
40  cards
Arrhythmias 1
Why do arrhythmias occur,
What are the mechanisms of arrhyt...,
What ions are responsible for imp...
74  cards
Arrhythmia 2
The hemodynamic effect of an arrh...,
A high hr will have what hemodyna...,
A low hr will have what hemodynam...
39  cards
Congestive Heart Failure
What is heart failure,
What are the two types of heart f...,
What is the difference between co...
81  cards
Brain Conditions
Peripheral vesicular disease resu...,
Central vestibular disease occurs...,
In vesicular disease is the head ...
88  cards
What is epilepsy,
What are the two forms of epilepsy,
T f partial focal seizures are mo...
80  cards
Congenital Heart Disease
What are the 3 most common congen...,
What are the 3 most common congen...,
What is a patent ductus arteriosus
77  cards
Degenerative Valve Disease
What is the most common acquired ...,
What breed of dog is most commonl...,
What pathology occurs in affected...
36  cards
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and RCM
T f feline hypertrophic myopathy ...,
What breeds of cats are most pred...,
Cardiomyocyte hypertrophy occurs ...
44  cards
Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy
What is the second most common ac...,
What dogs primarily get dcm,
Dcm is a myocardial disease chara...
46  cards
Pericaradial Disorders
What are the layers of the perica...,
T f there is normally some fluid ...,
What are acquired causes of peric...
45  cards
Systemic and Pulmonary Hypertension
T f systemic hypertension usually...,
What is the basic pathophysiology...,
Who should we test for systemic h...
51  cards
Endocarditis/Myocarditis and Heartworm
What is infective endocarditis,
T f infective endocarditis is a d...,
What valves are most commonly aff...
68  cards
Pleural Space Disease And Pulmonary Parenchymal Disease
What is pleural effusion,
Pleural effusion causes increased...,
What are the types of effusion an...
67  cards
Bronchial Disease And Tracheal Collapse
What are the bronchial diseases,
What is chronic bronchitis,
What are the proposed etioliges o...
47  cards
Laryngeal Paralsysis And Nasopharyngeal Disorders
What is the normal function of th...,
What nerve innervates all but 1 o...,
Contraction of what muscle result...
62  cards
CIRD And FURI And Resp Parasites
Canine infectious respiratory dis...,
Canine infectious respiratory dis...,
How is cird transmitted
29  cards
Infectious Diseases
1  cards

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