sa2 life insurance fellowship (uk actuarial)

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1 UK Specific Products (1)
Give a brief overview of the uks ...,
Summarise the main benefits and r...,
Give a brief overview of the uks ...
14  cards
2 UK Specific Products (2)
State the benefits typically prov...,
List the three components of a ty...,
Give an overview of uk personal p...
18  cards
3 UK General Business Environment
List all the factors to consider ...,
State the four main changes intro...,
Give three examples where uk legi...
10  cards
4 UK Insurance Contract and Trust Law
State the five main elements in t...,
Describe the concept of trusts an...,
Describe the five main types of t...
9  cards
5 Policyholder Tax
List five stages at which tax may...,
State five factors on which the q...,
State the types of claim for whic...
10  cards
6 Life Company Taxation
Which contracts are included in a...,
Which contracts are included in a...,
Describe the components of i in t...
10  cards
8 Tax Allowance in Unit Pricing
Define the appropriation price in...,
Define the expropriation price in...,
What is meant by offer basis in t...
11  cards
9 UK Regulatory Environment (1)
Describe the two regulators for t...,
Describe global systemically impo...,
State the pras two primary object...
18  cards
10 UK Regulatory Environment (2)
List the five sections of the con...,
Summarise the rules of cobs4 comm...,
Summarise the rules of cobs6 info...
9  cards
11 Solvency (1)
What are the key objectives of so...,
Give a brief overview of solvency...,
What are the governance requireme...
9  cards
12 Solvency (2)
What are the three components of ...,
What are the factors to consider ...,
What are the factors to consider ...
25  cards
13 Professional Standards and Guidance
List the four high level componen...,
State the frcs reliability object...,
List the two new frameworks tass ...
7  cards
14 TCF
Who is responsible for satisfying...,
List the elements involved in eff...,
List the six consumer outcomes de...
5  cards
15 Capital Management
Define required capital,
Describe the three measures of re...,
List six categories of risk to wh...
18  cards
16 Asset-Liability Management
What is the basic investment prin...,
Comment on the difficulty of cash...,
Describe an economic scenario gen...
5  cards
17 Analysis of Surplus
What are the main components of a...,
List possible opening adjustments...,
List the components of the invest...
7  cards
18 Profit Reporting
State which set of accounting req...,
List the four asset categories un...,
How does ifrs4 define an insuranc...
20  cards
19. Embedded Values
What were the problems with the a...,
List the eev principles 12,
Which three areas did the eev gui...
16  cards
20 Asset Shares
State a typical definition of a w...,
List three possible sources of mi...,
List 8 typical deductions that ma...
12  cards
21 Surplus Distribution
Describe compare the types of bon...,
Describe the general suitability ...,
List seven factors that will infl...
6  cards
22 Management of UK With Profit Funds
List three main regulatory requir...,
Describe the main features of the...,
List 10 additional considerations...
6  cards
23 Risk Management & Controls
What are the three lines in the t...,
What are the factors to take into...,
How may a company manage market r...
18  cards
24 Contract Design and Pricing
What are the factors to consider ...,
Outline how to set the mortality ...,
Outline how to set the investment...
4  cards
Diagrams in the Core Reading
Draw the diagram showing the solv...
1  cards
Key Lists
List the areas covered in the ppfm,
List all the factors to consider ...,
List possible sources of operatio...
4  cards
Lists of lists
Contract design and pricing 4,
Risk management 15,
Management of uk with profit funds 9
23  cards

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