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0. Course Overview
Give an overview/bird's eye view of the course material/subject matter for F102
7  cards
Ch 1 - 7: Life and health ins prods - Important overview
State 3 basic aspects insurers ne...,
Comment on the considerations an ...,
What kind of customer needs might...
11  cards
Ch 1: Life ins prods - Endowment
Summary card,
Describe an endowment contract,
Describe the forms under which en...
7  cards
Ch 2: Life ins prods - Whole life, Term assurance
Summary card,
Describe a whole life assurance c...,
Discuss the risks to an insurance...
10  cards
Ch 3: Life ins prods - Annuities (immediate, deferred)
Summary card,
Describe in detail an immediate a...,
What forms may be used to write i...
8  cards
Ch 4: Life ins prods - Bases, unit linked
Summary card,
Describe 4 bases on which life in...,
Outline the key features of unit ...
12  cards
Ch 5: Income protection insurance
Discuss the customer needs met by...,
List the key features of an ip co...,
Policy conditions key requirements
18  cards
Ch 6: Critical illness insurance
Describe a critical illness insur...,
In addition to the core descripti...,
What characteristics are required...
16  cards
Ch 7: Long-term care insurance
Describe a long term care insuran...,
What is long term care,
Describe the optimal outcomes of ...
21  cards
Ch 8: Asset shares
Summary card,
Define asset share,
How do we derive asset share form...
10  cards
Ch 9: With-profits surplus distribution 1
Summary card,
List 3 forms in which profits can...,
Explain why the insurer and the w...
16  cards
Ch 10: With-profits surplus distribution 2
Summary card,
Describe the revalorisation syste...,
State 4 advantages of revalorisat...
17  cards
Ch 11: General business environment, 1
Summary card,
List the factors in the general b...,
List 4 distribution channels used...
12  cards
Ch 12: General business environment, 2
Summary card,
List the factors in the general b...,
Describe how an insurer may be af...
12  cards
Ch 20: Product design
Summary card,
List 12 factors to be considered ...,
Meeting customer needs
16  cards
Ch 13: Risk 1
Summary card,
Give an overview of the broad cat...,
List 16 possible sources of risk ...
10  cards
Ch 14: Risk 2
Summary card,
Risk due to new business mix,
Risk due to new business volumes
10  cards
Ch 15: Risk 3
Summary card,
State the overall aims of a life ...,
Comment on aggregation and concen...
6  cards
Ch 16: Unit pricing
Summary card,
Define an internal unit linked fund,
What are the principle risks asso...
11  cards
Ch 17: Actuarial funding
What is actuarial funding,
What are the requirements necessa...,
What common mechanisms can be use...
9  cards
Ch 18: Models 1
Summary card,
State the prime objective in buil...,
Requirements of a good model
13  cards
Ch 19: Models 2
Summary card,
Pricing outline how models are us...,
Model points what is a model point
23  cards
Ch 21: Assumptions 1
Summary card,
Background on assumptions,
Best estimate mortality list 2 se...
34  cards
Ch 22: Assumptions 2
Summary card,
Purposes for different assumption...,
Valuing liabilities overview
30  cards
Ch 23: Supervisory reserves and capital requirements 1
Summary card,
Reserves background,
Reserves background
16  cards
Ch 24: Supervisory reserves and capital requirements 2
Summary card,
Discuss the relationship between ...,
Market consistent val method
20  cards
Ch 25: Surrender values
Summary card,
Sv intro,
Svs for various contracts
28  cards
Ch 26: Alterations
Summary card,
Alterations pup conv w o profits,
Alterations general alterations c...
25  cards
Ch 27: Cost of investment guarantees and mortality options
Summary card,
Investment guarantees value propo...,
Investment guarantees examples
26  cards
Ch 32: Policy data checks
Policy data checks,
Data reconciliation checks backgr...,
Data reconciliation checks examples
6  cards
Ch 33: Investment
Principles of investment,
4 main asset classes,
Asset class characteristics
30  cards
Ch 28: Pricing health and care contracts
0  cards
Ch 29: Reinsurance 1
Reinsurance definition,
Reinsurance types,
Facultative vs obligatory reins
28  cards
Ch 30: Reinsurance 2
Reins reasons in depth,
Reins reasons parameter risk,
Reins reasons claims fluctuations...
26  cards
Ch 31: Underwriting
Underwriting definition,
Underwriting purpose,
Underwriting health vs other cont...
25  cards
Ch 34: Further risk management
Summary card,
Expense control overview,
Expense control monitor compare
15  cards
Ch 35: Monitoring experience
Types of experience monitoring,
Reasons for experience monitoring,
Reasons for experience monitoring...
33  cards
Ch 36: The Big Picture
0  cards

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