saaliha - pharmacy law and ethics

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Introduction to Pharmacy Ethics
What is ethics,
What is pharmacy ethics,
What is an ethical dilemma
18  cards
Private Prescriptions
Green prescription form type,
Yellow prescription type,
Lilac prescription form type
24  cards
Emergency Supply
Emergency supply,
What are the two types of emergen...,
Who are prescribers that can requ...
18  cards
PM4B Law Update 2
The community pharmacy contractua...,
Advances services
37  cards
PM4B Law Update 3
Electronic prescription service,
New rx forms and epd tokens,
What proof evidence do i need to ...
17  cards
Advertising and promoting of meds and services
Definition of med advertisement,
Regulatory framework,
Abpi code
27  cards
Regulation of Controlled Drugs
Legislative framework for control...,
Human medicines regulations 2012,
Misuse of drugs act 1971
41  cards
Supply of Non-Medicinal Products
Regulated substance and a reporta...,
Regulated substance definition,
Regulated expolosives precursor
39  cards
Non Prescription Supply of Medicines - PGDs
What is a patient group direction,
What does the pgd guide register ...,
When are pgds useful
23  cards
Unlicensed Medicine
What are unlicensed medicine,
What is ma,
Requirements of professional bodies
16  cards
Pharmacy Services at a distance
Different ways to provide a pharm...,
What is a traditional pharmacy se...,
Traditional way to provide pharma...
40  cards
Professional Guidances 1
Gphc guidances,
Raising concerns,
What to remember when raising con...
16  cards
What is an rp,
Can there be more than one rp,
What will an rp need to do
22  cards
Introduction to Pharmacy Law COPY
Main laws that you will need to k...,
What are the different types of l...,
What is statue law
37  cards
Professional guidances - data security and protection
Note for year 4 add in data prote...,
What are the 2 types of consent,
What must you do when obtaining c...
10  cards
Wholesale dealing
Wholesale dealing definition,
What is a wholesaler licence also...,
Wholesaler licence requirements
9  cards
Signed order
Signed orders record keeping,
Signed orders record keeping,
How long should signed order reco...
18  cards
Written Requisitions
Approved form for the requisition...,
Legal requirements for cd req are,
What is the type of mandatory req...
13  cards
Supply of medicines,
Class of veterinary medicines,
Veterinary surgeons act 1966
29  cards
Religion, personal values and beliefs (new)
Legal framework,
How might a pharmacist s religion...,
Pharmacy professionals
10  cards
Raising concerns COPY
Raising concerns,
Importance of raising concerns,
8  cards
Pharmacy Standards
Gphc standards for pharmacy profe...,
1 patient centered care,
2 partnership working
10  cards
Sexual boundaries (NEW)
Why is it important to maintain c...,
Power imbalance,
Sexualised behaviour
11  cards
CD Rx Requirements + Register
Cd rx requirements,
Pharmacists can supply against pr...,
Collection of dispensed cd
11  cards
Distance Selling Pharmacy
31 premises,
32 website,
Legitimacy of internet pharmacy d...
16  cards
Protecting vulnerable adults
Vulnerable adult,
Examples of vulnerable adults,
Duty of care
8  cards
Protecting chidlren and young people
Pharmacy standard 2 partnership w...,
13  cards
Law and ethics update (PM3C)
Brexit prescription from eea or s...,
Prescription written in foreign l...
14  cards
Non Prescription Supply of Medicines - PGDs COPY
What is a patient group direction,
What does the pgd guide register ...,
When are pgds useful
26  cards
Consent and Capacity
Types of consent,
Obtaining consent
21  cards
14  cards
Pharmacy services at a distance COPY COPY
Traditional pharmacy service,
Traditional pharmacy service,
17  cards

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