sadlier vocabulary workshop level g enriched edition

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Decks in this class (25)

Unit 1 Synonyms
20  cards
Unit 1 Antonyms
15  cards
Unit 2 Antonyms
Avoid shun,
Praise complement,
Reluctant indifferent unenthusiastic
12  cards
Unit 2 Synonyms
Buttonhole approach,
Rebuke reproof,
17  cards
Unit 3 Synonyms
Credit trust confidence,
Denounce censure devalue
20  cards
Unit 3 Antonyms
Disbelief skepticism incredulity,
Tout commend extol laud praise,
Calm collected
15  cards
Unit 4 Synonyms
Degeneration deterioration wither,
Citadel rampart parapet,
Masterful clinch conclude
19  cards
Unit 4 Antonyms
Growth mature,
Disagreement strife discord,
Launch initiate begin kick off
12  cards
Unit 5 Synonyms
Dullness obtuseness,
Picture render,
Perverted degenerate vicious corrupt
19  cards
Unit 5 Antonyms
Dullness obtuseness,
Moral virtuous upright uncorrupted,
Invigorate strengthen buttress
13  cards
Unit 6 Synonyms
Wretched miserable ignoble sheer ...,
Connivance collusion
19  cards
Unit 6 Antonyms
Noble exalted,
Noninvolvement innocence
14  cards
Unit 7 Synonyms
Reduce alleviate moderate,
Animalistic loathsome,
Fun loving jovial merry
20  cards
Unit 7 Antonyms
Aggravate exacerbate intensity,
Human clement virtuous upright,
Dour sullen unsociable
15  cards
Unit 8 Synonyms
18  cards
Unit 8 Antonyms
10  cards
Unit 9 Synonyms
Ovation cheering plaudits,
Defame libel
20  cards
Unit 9 Antonyms
Booing hissing jeers catcalls,
Flatter whitewash praise
14  cards
Unit 10 Synonyms
Distrustfully suspiciously,
Benevolent salubrious harmless,
15  cards
Unit 10 Antonyms
Thicken strengthen bolster,
Malevolent deleterious,
Forte virtue
8  cards
Unit 11 Synonyms
Annul revoke,
Rigor harshness,
Shine buff
17  cards
Unit 11 Antonyms
Renew ratify,
Mildness blandness rigor harshness,
Dull abrade
8  cards
Unit 12 Synonyms
Extinct nonexistent,
Nonplus foil
18  cards
Unit 12 Antonyms
Repudiate disavow renounce,
Aloof introverted reclusive
11  cards
Unit 13 Synonyms
Arcane recondite occult,
19  cards

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