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Draw a water molecule label the a...,
What bonds are formed between the...,
What does it mean to be polar
19  cards
What is the function of carbohydr...,
What are the 3 broad groups carbo...,
What is the general formula for m...
43  cards
What are the 3 types of lipids,
What are the functions of triglyc...,
How do triglycerides compare to c...
33  cards
What are the monomeric units of p...,
Where do we get amino acids from,
Outline the journey an amino acid...
73  cards
What is the vmax,
What kind of proteins are enzymes,
What is an enzyme
93  cards
Tests for the presence of substances
What is the method for testing fo...,
What is observed in the benedicts...,
What is observed in the benedicts...
13  cards
How is a wet mount prepared,
How can stain be added to a wet m...,
Which two types of microscope req...
40  cards
Cell Structure/ Protein Production
Define eukaryotic cells,
Define ultrastructure,
What is the function of the nucleus
35  cards
What is the cytoskeleton,
What are the three components of ...,
What are microfilaments made from
9  cards
Cell membranes
State 4 functions of plasma membr...,
State 4 functions of membranes in...,
Define compartmentalisation
34  cards
Diffusion/osmosis/active transport
Define diffusion,
Is diffusion active or passive,
Define passive transport
66  cards
The cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis
What is the cell cycle,
What are the two main phases of t...,
What does a cell do during interp...
85  cards
Cell organisation and stem cells
Define cell,
Define tissue,
Define organ
29  cards
Mammalian gas exchange and ventilation
Why is it not possible to expel a...,
Why are specialised exchange surf...,
What are the 4 features of effici...
24  cards
Gas exchange and ventilation in bony fish and insects
As organisms get larger what happ...,
As organisms get larger what happ...,
As organisms get larger what happ...
10  cards
Nucleotides and nucleic acids
What does dna stand for,
What does rna stand for,
What is the monomeric unit for nu...
73  cards
The Genetic Code
How many different bases are ther...,
How many common amino acids are t...,
How many possible codons are there
21  cards
What is transcription,
Which enzyme is involved in trans...,
What is the sense strand
8  cards
What are the 3 types of rna,
What is the function of rrna,
What is the function of trna
15  cards
DNA replication
What does semi conservative mean
1  cards
ATP (Y1)
Give 3 examples of activities in ...,
What does atp stand for,
What does adp stand for
20  cards
Circulatory systems
Give 5 reasons why specialist tra...,
As an organism gets larger what h...,
Why does a greater level of activ...
27  cards
Blood and blood vessels
What is plasma,
What is the function of plasma,
Why is albumin important
46  cards
Tissue fluid
What is lymph,
What is tissue fluid,
What is the function of tissue fluid
17  cards
Structure and anatomy of the heart
Outline the movement of blood thr...,
What is the heart made out of,
What is the difference between ca...
23  cards
The cardiac cycle, heart action coordination, and ECGs
Outline the movement of electrica...,
Why can the wave of depolarisatio...,
Why is it important that the avn ...
38  cards
Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide
How many oxygen molecules is one ...,
How many haem groups does one hae...,
Give the equation for haemoglobin...
41  cards
Transport in plants
Why do plants need a specialised ...,
Define vascular system,
Define herbaceous
94  cards
Sustainable resource,
Define ecosystem,
Define decomposition
15  cards
The Nitrogen Cycle
Define nitrification,
Define denitrification,
Define nitrogen fixation
8  cards
Pathogens that cause disease in plants and animals
What is the name of the pathogen ...,
What is the name of the pathogen ...,
What is the name of the pathogen ...
28  cards
Specific immune response
What are antibodies,
What is a specific immune response,
What shape are antibodies
27  cards
Immunity glossary
What are agglutinins,
What are cytokines,
Where are cytokines produced
20  cards
Define abiotic factors,
Define belt transect,
Define biodiversity
124  cards
What are the 5 kingdoms,
Define classification,
Define taxonomy
35  cards
Variation and Evolution
Give 4 sources of evidence for ev...,
How can the relative age of fossi...,
How do fossils provide evidence f...
69  cards
Describe why autotrophs are impor...,
Why does photosynthesis require e...,
Why does respiration not require ...
67  cards
What is chromatography used for,
Describe how thin layer chromatog...,
What is used to identify substanc...
11  cards
Define abiotic factor,
Define biotic factor,
Define limiting factor
18  cards
Define conservation,
Define preservation,
Explain the difference between co...
45  cards
Cloning and Biotechnology
Define clone,
Define asexual reproduction,
Define reproductive cloning
85  cards
Cellular Control
Define mutation,
What is a point mutation,
What is a frameshift mutation
75  cards
Manipulating genomes
What is the purpose of dna sequen...,
What is bioinformatics,
What is computational biology
41  cards

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