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SAT Essay: Overview & Strategy
Familiarize yourself with the goals and general strategy for success on the SAT essay. This deck provides a blueprint for understanding the writing goal and assessing your skills and weaknesses as you prepare for the writing sample.
35  cards
SAT Essay Planning
Develop an effective process for planning the SAT Essay. This deck will streamline your way to a well organized essay.
55  cards
Composing the Essay
Develop an effective approach to writing a successful SAT essay. This deck offers templates and step by step composition advice.
57  cards
Sentence Improvement
Build your knowledge of common errors so you can confidently identify and solve them. This deck takes the mystery and guesswork out of the sentence improvement process.
90  cards
Sentence Correction
Reinforce knowledge of the common errors on sentence correction. This deck provides a roadmap to navigating the way to a confident score.
102  cards
Paragraph Improvement
This deck provides orientation and intruction for doing the paragraph improvement section of SAT writing. This section will give you what you need to get all of these questions.
31  cards
Irregular Verbs, Wrong Words, and Flags
Gain direct knowledge of verb forms, wrong word pairs and test hints. These cards enable you to recognize errors quickly and confidently during your initial scan of each sentence.
90  cards
Verb-Preposition Idioms
Learn information supporting direct knowledge of commonly tested idioms. These flashcards provide essential knowledge to conquering the harder parts of sentence correction. Bilingual students and those aiming for 700+ score especially need this deck.
62  cards
Multiple Choice Practice
Learn step by step processes for solving both sentence improvement and sentence correction questions on the multiple choice writing test. This deck provides over 40 sample questions of varying difficulty.
64  cards

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