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Chapter 1
What is the minimum level of cert...,
What best describes the level of ...,
What level of emergency medical t...
25  cards
Chapter 2
What are pathogens,
A strict form of infection contro...,
The introduction of dangerous che...
45  cards
Chapter 3: Lifting and Moving Patients
The proper use of the body to fac...,
What are some considerations when...,
What rules must be followed when ...
27  cards
Chapter 11: Scene Size-up
The area around the wreckage of a...,
Law of inertia,
What is not a consideration that ...
21  cards
Chapter 13: Vitals
When the heart contracts and forc...,
You are unable to find a radial p...,
You respond to a cafeteria to fin...
48  cards
Chapter 17: Communication and Documentation
What are three things you should ...,
Which of the following is not par...,
How many parts does a standard me...
16  cards
Chapter 4: Medical, Legal and Ethical Decisions
In which of the following situati...,
Your patient is a 45 year old man...,
You are on the scene with a 72 ye...
20  cards
Chapter 12: Primary Assessment
Which of the following is true co...,
You are at the scene where a 19 y...,
Your patient is a middle aged man...
20  cards
Chapter 14:
What is the feeling of bone ends ...,
You are dispatched for a patient ...,
When using the memory aid opqrst ...
20  cards
Chapter 15: Secondary Assessment
You are called for a patient who ...,
The patient was a driver in a lat...,
When assessing a patient who has ...
20  cards
Chapter 6: Anatomy
A clot cannot form without which ...,
Which of the following types of b...,
Which of the following makes up m...
20  cards
Chapter 8: Life Span Development
During which age group is the bod...,
Middle adulthood is the stage of ...,
Which of the following is not a c...
20  cards
Chapter 18: Pharmacology
The symptoms or circumstances for...,
Nitroglycerin is indicated for wh...,
Which of the following is often p...
20  cards
Chapter 7: Pathophysiology
Production of energy occurs in wh...,
The movement of ions across the c...,
The most vulnerable part of the c...
20  cards
chapter 16 Reassessment
You are treating a 15 year old bo...,
As you arrive at the emergency de...,
You are transporting a victim of ...
12  cards
Chapter 9: Airway Management
Which of the following is a sign ...,
Your patient is breathing 4 shall...,
What is the sound of the soft tis...
20  cards
Chapter 10 Respiration and Artificial Ventilations
For life to be maintained a balan...,
Which of the following statements...
2  cards
Chapter 28
Von williebrand s disease,
Which of the following organs may...,
________ patients are at high ris...
17  cards
Chapter 31
Which of the following injuries m...,
Which of the following is an unre...,
Which of the following describes ...
20  cards
Chapter 32
Which of the following structures...,
Your patient is a 12 year old fem...,
Which of the following statements...
20  cards
Chapter 33
Which portions of the spine are t...,
Which of the following is the ope...,
Which of the following injuries i...
20  cards
Chapter 30
Which type of wound has a small o...,
A wound in which the epidermis is...,
Which of the following is true co...
20  cards
Chapter 29
Shock is the circulatory system s...,
Your patient is a 6 year old chil...,
External bleeding may be classifi...
21  cards
Chapter 27
When a person acts in a manner th...,
You are confronted with a patient...,
When dealing with a psychiatric e...
20  cards
Chapter 26
0  cards
Chapter 25
0  cards
Chapter 24
0  cards

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