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Energy Resources -Physics Paper 1
Name some non renewable energy re...,
What are fossil fuels,
Why are fossil fuels non renewable
33  cards
P4 Electric Circuits - Physics Paper1
State an equation that links curr...,
What is the potential diffference,
What s the resistance in a circuit
27  cards
P2 Energy transfer by heating- Physics Paper 1
What does an insulator do,
Why can metals and graphite condu...,
What does a good conductor of hea...
28  cards
Medicine Through Time
What does people eat green rolos ...,
What are the themes in medicine,
What time periods are included in...
50  cards
P4 Electricity- Physics Paper 1
What is the mass in kg of a proton,
What is the mass in kg of a neutron,
What is the mass in kg of an elec...
34  cards
The Reactivity Series- Chemistry Paper 1
What do metals react with oxygen ...,
What charge do oxides always have,
What charge do group 1 metals make
22  cards
The reactivity series 2- Chemistry Paper1
Name all the metals in the reacti...,
What are the most reactive elemen...,
What are the least reactive eleme...
69  cards
Atomic structure and the periodic table- Chemistry Paper 1
What s an element,
What does the atomic number tell you,
What does the mass number tell you
23  cards
Structure and Bonding (Chemistry)- Chemistry Paper 1
What is an electrostatic attraction,
What is the structure of an ionic...,
What are electrostatic forces of ...
7  cards
Structure and Bonding [carbon] - Chemistry Paper 1
What are allotropes,
How many diamond bonds are made i...,
Why can t diamond conduct electri...
19  cards
Electrolysis- Chemistry Paper 1
Which electrode are the positive ...,
Which electrode are the negative ...,
What ions does the cathode attract
19  cards
Quantitative Chemistry- Chemistry Paper 1
What does ar mean,
What does mr mean,
What would you expect to happen d...
14  cards
C7.5 Batteries and Chemical cells- Chemistry Paper 1
What is a cell,
What does a cell contain,
What affects a cells voltage
16  cards
C11.1/2 Addition polymerisation/condensation polymerisation- Chemistry Paper 2
What s the only ester you need to...,
What are polymers,
What are all plastics considered as
61  cards
Rates of Reaction- Chemistry Paper 2
What is the rate of reaction,
Is the rusting of iron a fast or ...,
What are the 4 main factors that ...
42  cards
Using resources - Chemistry Paper 2
What is potable water,
Why isn t potable water pure,
What is the ph of potable water
57  cards
B4 Blood- biology paper 1
What are the components of blood,
What is the life span of a red bl...,
Why do humans need transport systems
216  cards
B5 Communicable diseases - Biology paper1
What is polio,
Is polio still common nowadays,
What is a life threatening risk o...
180  cards
B6 Preventing and treating disease- biology paper 1
What are antigens,
What do antibodies do,
What group of cells are the memor...
14  cards
Cell Structure + Cell division- biology paper1
What type of cells are bacterial ...,
Why are microscopes useful,
What are the 2 types of microscope
45  cards
Monoclonal antibodies - Biology Paper 1
What are monoclonal antibodies,
What are antibodies produced by,
How are monoclonal antibodies made
10  cards
B3 Organisation and the Digestive system
What happens during the developme...,
What is a cell,
What is a tissue
13  cards
DNA & Reproduction- Biology Paper 2
What is dna,
What dies each nucleotide consist of,
What forms a backbone to the dna ...
121  cards
Animal and Plant Hormones- biology paper 2
What happens at puberty,
What s the reproductive hormone i...,
What s the reproductive hormone i...
75  cards
Ecology - Biology Paper 2
What is a habitat,
What is a population,
What is a community
58  cards
The Endocrine System- Chemistry Paper 2
What are hormones,
What secretes hormones,
What are the different glands in ...
73  cards
Homeostasis and the Nervous System- Biology paper 2
What is homeostasis,
What is a stimulus,
What are examples of stimuli
50  cards
Forces- Physics Paper 2
What does a vector quantity have,
What does a scalar quantity have,
What are examples of vector quant...
126  cards
Waves and Lenses - Physics Paper 2
What is a wave,
What is an oscillation,
What is a transverse wave
57  cards
Magnetism and Electromagnetism - Physics Paper 2
What does a magnet have around it,
What is a magnetic field,
What type of force is a magnetic ...
49  cards
Space Physics - Physics Paper 2
What can you use to remember the ...,
What do stars initially form from,
What is a nebula
39  cards

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