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Proving Safe Food
How many people must have the sam...,
What are the 5 most common causes...,
Which foods need time and tempera...
10  cards
Forms of Contamination
What is the best way to protect f...,
To prevent the deliberate contami...,
What is a basic characteristic of...
39  cards
The Safe Food Handler
Where should food handlers wash t...,
What must food handlers do after ...,
When washing hands what is the mi...
21  cards
The Flow of Food: An Introduction
Using the same knife to chop carr...,
What helps prevent cross contamin...,
A food handler has finished trimm...
18  cards
The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage
How should the temperature of a s...,
Ice crystals on a frozen food ite...,
What is the most important factor...
24  cards
The Flow of Food: Preparation
What is the minimum internal cook...,
Food must be cooled from 135 to _...,
Which method is a safe way to tha...
32  cards
The Flow of Food: Service
A power outage has left hot tcs f...,
Soup on a buffet should be labele...,
Cold food can be held intentional...
17  cards
Food Safety Management Systems
The purpose of a food safety mana...,
A managers responsibility to acti...,
A manager asks a chef to continue...
6  cards
Safe Facilities and Pest Management
What information should a master ...,
A handwashing station should have...,
A food handler drops the end of a...
21  cards
Cleaning and Sanitizing
How should chemicals be stored a ...,
Which feature is most important f...,
What is the best way to store mop...
18  cards

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