SFDC Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

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Environments (15% Weighting)
- Given a customer landscape and their requirements, evaluate business, technical, and architectural considerations while defining an appropriate org strategy. - Given a customer scenario, define an environment (sandbox) strategy that utilizes the correct sandbox types (e.g., multiple project streams, training requirements, staging, production, and hotfixes). - Apply map sandbox strategy to a specific Release Plan, taking into consideration multiple project streams, training requirements, stag
23  cards
Application Lifecycle Management (17% Weighting)
- Given the project risk and customer requirement, explain how to assess the benefits and risks of the different development methodologies and recommend the appropriate methodology based on the customer environment. - Given a customer scenario, describe and recommend an appropriate release management strategy.
78  cards
Testing (10% Weighting)
Given a customer scenario, describe and recommend an appropriate testing methodology.
27  cards
Governance (17% Weighting)
Given a customer scenario, analyze and recommend the appropriate governance framework.
51  cards
Risk Identification and Mitigation (22% Weighting)
Understand customer environment risks and articulate appropriate mitigation strategies
6  cards
Change Sets (5% Weighting)
Given a scenario, compare, contrast and recommend the components and tools of a successful deployment strategy
17  cards
Metadata API (10% Weighting)
Given a scenario, describe the capabilities, limitations, and considerations when using the Metadata API for deployment
31  cards
Continuous Integration Techniques (8% Weighting)
Given a complex customer scenario ability, identify the appropriate use of source control, automated test, and deployment tools and demonstrate the ability to articulate the process involved
77  cards
Methodology Tools (3% Weighting)
Explain the advantages of using agile tools to support an agile development process
27  cards
Understanding Packages (3% Weighting)
Given a scenario, analyze and explain the use cases and considerations when using managed vs unmanaged packages
47  cards
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9  cards

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SFDC Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

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