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MI Corps
What does dui stand for,
When was the 704th mi bde created,
When did the 743rd mi bn move to ...
3  cards
ADP and ADRP 1
What does adp and adrp 1 cover,
What does adp stand for,
What does adrp stand for
8  cards
ADP and ADRP 2
What does adp and adrp 2 cover,
What is intelligence,
What does the intelligence war fi...
11  cards
ADP and ADRP 6-22
What does adp 6 22 cover,
What is an army leader,
What is leadership
24  cards
AR 600-8-22
What is the purpose of the da mil...,
What is an award,
What is a decoration
27  cards
ADP and ADRP 7-0
What does adp and adrp 7 0 cover,
What is the armys life blood,
Who is responsible for training u...
20  cards
Code of Conduct
What does ar 350 30 cover,
What is the reason for the code o...,
If you become a pow what informat...
6  cards
What publication covers counseling,
What is counseling of a subordinate,
What are the three approaches to ...
10  cards
Drill and Ceremony
What publications cover drill and...,
What are the two formations used ...,
What are the three marching steps...
9  cards
Equal Opportunity
What does ar 600 20 chapter 6 cover,
What are the six protected catego...,
What are the two types of eo reports
3  cards
First Aid
What does tc 4 021 cover,
What are the three types of bleeding,
What are the two basic types of f...
12  cards
Land Navigation
What does fm and tc 3 2526 cover,
How do you orient a map,
What are the major terrain features
13  cards
Military Justice
What does ar 27 10 cover,
How many articles are in the ucmj,
What article covers njps
11  cards
Ar 600 20 ch 6,
Ar 600 20 ch 7 8,
Ar 670 1
19  cards
Physical Readiness Training
What publication covers physical ...,
What is the goal of the army phys...,
Whose program is the pt program
10  cards
What publication covers sharp,
What does sharp stand for,
What are the five techniques of d...
5  cards
AR 670-1
What publication covers wear and ...,
Where on the body are tattoos una...,
What are the four types of prohib...
13  cards
What publication covers weapons,
What does pmi stand for,
Describe the m16a2
11  cards
What army publication covers ncoers,
What are the four forms used for ...,
What does the rater provide the r...
16  cards
Army Body Composition Program
What publication covers the army ...,
How often will soldiers be screen...,
What is the only authorized metho...
12  cards
Soldier Support
What army regulation covers the a...,
What is the major service the red...,
What regulation covers army commu...
5  cards

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