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Noncommissioned Officer Guide
What regulations is the noncommis...,
What do the soldiers depend on fr...,
Who usually cuts the cake during ...
4  cards
What are the domains that us forc...,
What is the army s roles in joint...,
What is the army built on
11  cards
SHARP AR 600-20
What does sharp,
What is sexual harassment,
What is sexual assault
7  cards
The Army NCO Guide TC 7-22.7
What do soldier depend on from an...,
Throughout the history of the arm...,
What three countries traditions w...
16  cards
History of The NCO
When did the history of nco begin,
When did the sm course begin,
During 1778 what were the nco ranks
11  cards
Eighth Army Blue Book Knowledge 28OCT23
Who is the eighth army commander,
Who is the eighth army command se...,
When was the last time the eighth...
6  cards
8-Step Training Model And Troop Leading Procedures
What army publication covers true...,
How many steps are in the true pl...,
What are the 8 steps in troop lea...
5  cards
Army Leadership ADP 6-22, Army training & Leader Development AR 350-1
What is an army leader,
What is command,
What are the three leader attributes
24  cards
Salutes, Honors, and Courtesies AR 600-25
When meeting an officer outdoors ...,
Salutes are not required to be re...,
When is it authorized to salute i...
14  cards
Army command policy
What is command,
What is a commander,
Who is the only civilian that can...
11  cards
Wear And appearance of the army uniform and insignia
What is religious articles,
When are personnel authorized to ...,
When are soldiers able to wear re...
23  cards
Holistic health and fitness/ Army physical readiness training
What are the minimum scores for e...,
What are the four phases of physi...,
What are the three session elemen...
13  cards
Rifle marksmanship M4
What are the five phases in basic...,
What are the four fundamentals of...,
What are the two basic elements o...
8  cards
Map reading and land navigation
What is a map,
What are the basic colors on a mi...,
Where is the legend of the map found
14  cards
First aid
What is first aid,
What is the objective of first aid,
What is tccc
9  cards
Drilling ceremony
What is the primary purpose of dr...,
What is the primary value of cere...,
What is an element
13  cards
Risk management
What is risk management,
What are the principles of risk m...,
What are the levels of risk for r...
10  cards
Evaluation reporting system
What is the purpose of an ncoer,
What are the forms used for a ncoer,
What are the 7 different types of...
5  cards
Leaves and passes
How many days of leave do you ear...,
What is a da31,
What is a da form 4179
8  cards
Enlisted promotions and reductions
What are the 3 levels of promotion,
At what tig and tis can a solider...,
At what tig and tis can a solider...
13  cards
Military justice
What does ucmj stand for,
What article in the ucmj covers n...,
What are the 3 types of article 15s
16  cards
The army body composition program
What is the objective of the army...,
How often will every soldier be s...,
How long does a new recruit have ...
19  cards
Army safety program
Who is responsible for the army s...,
The word safety is often associat...,
What accounts for the majority of...
7  cards
What does cbrne stand for,
What does wmd stand for,
What are wmds
35  cards
Army substance abuse program
What does asap stand for,
What is the mission of asap,
What are the objectives of asap
13  cards

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