small animal theriogenology

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Breeding Management
When should core vaccines be up t...,
What should every client do befor...,
What is the cycle length for dogs
41  cards
Evaluation of the Stud Dog
What is the first thing to deteri...,
What website contains most breeds...,
At what age s is peak fertility i...
36  cards
What is the normal canine gestati...,
What hormones are important for m...,
How can we diagnose pregnancy in ...
25  cards
What causes the rectal temperatur...,
Which of the following is false a...,
Which of the following statements...
24  cards
Toxicology, Pharmacology, and Nutrition
Which of the following products i...,
Which of the following products i...,
What should be included in the di...
10  cards
Reproductive Emergencies
If you have a patient with abnorm...,
What 3 reflexes should you look f...,
What are the 3 h s also known as ...
28  cards
In what age and stage of estrus d...,
What pathology may be occurring c...,
How does progesterone lead to the...
28  cards
Post Partum Dam
What is normal vulvar discharge l...,
What are normal mammary glands po...,
When is peak lactation
12  cards
In dystocia er c section versus e...,
When performing an elective c sec...,
For neonatal resuscitation we rec...
24  cards
Non-surgical Control of Reproduction
Where is gnrh produced,
Pulsatile secretion of ______ cau...,
What hormone is dominant in the f...
51  cards
Abnormal Cycles
What is the normal length of the ...,
What is the typical length of die...,
What is the typical length of est...
36  cards
______________ traits have a more...,
T f very few traits are controlle...,
___________ is a term that descri...
22  cards
Problems in Spayed/Neutered Animals
What are 2 diagnostic tests that ...,
T f when removing ovarian remnant...,
What diagnostic tests can help yo...
31  cards
Extra Info (Pulled from Various TNG Notes)
What is the target bcs for a preg...,
How much higher than maintenance ...,
When should you start feeding the...
16  cards

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small animal theriogenology

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